Insomniac Mail Sac!

Dear Mr. Lobo,

My name is Carson and I am four years old. I met you at Blob Fest and you were nice enough to give me a pin and some eyeballs which I appreciate. I like old movies and my favorites are Killer Shrews, Gamera, and Godzilla.  I want  to say hello and hope to see you again. My daddy is Steve and he works at Alpha Video.

My best wishes,
Carson Kaplan

Greetings Carson!

You are a brave kid! Mr. Lobo was too scared to watch Killer Shrews when I was 4 years old and I would have screamed if someone gave me eyeballs! BLOBFEST was a lot of fun…Maybe I’ll see you and your daddy there next year when you are 5!  Tell your daddy that Mrs. Lobo and I are big fans of ALPHA VIDEO! We have a huge shelf full of his DVDs! We watch them and we like art on the boxes, too! Godzilla says Hi!

Your movie host,
Mr. Lobo

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