Insomniac Spring Thing! Fan Club Drive Starts Now!

Can Club KitIsn’t it time you were an official CINSOMNIAC…or SLEEPLESS KNIGHT OF INSOMNIA? This is the time of year when beaten passive world-weary fans crawl out of hibernation and remember what’s really important! We want to reach out and unite all of the thousands of fans who have supported Cinema Insomnia and Mr. Lobo over the years. We appreciate you and want CInsomniacs to network, share, and enjoy misunderstood movies together. We will make the world safe for our kind! This membership kit is your birthright–get it today in time for ZOM-BEE TV’s exciting reboot featuring new and old episodes on Saturday nights!


Still only $25.00 AT OUR SHOP NOW

Order today and extra extra goodies will be added!

Contact your host Mr. Lobo personally with any concerns


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  1. I am a PROUD MEMBER of the Fan Clu Hey…you can’t help but impress the “Higher Educated” with ” YOU may have a 4 Year Degree~but DO YOU have a Cinema Insomnia Fan Club Member Card?…Hmmmmm?” Leaves ’em speechless every time =)

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