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Introducing Mrs. Lobo! Cinema Insomnia’s New First Lady!


Cinema Insomnia’s worldwide search for the winner of the “Who Wants To Marry Mr. Lobo” contest is over! Dixie Dellamorto – Horror Fan, Artist, Taste-Maker, and editor of  Horror Hosts and Creature Features Magazine from Pennsylvania – is our official final finalist and THE NEW MRS. LOBO! Her duties on the show will occasionally include rotating the Hypno Spinner, delivering secret messages to Mr. Lobo, keeping Mr. Lobo’s table cloth straight at  genre conventions, watching very MISUNDERSTOOD MOVIES, adding a “womans touch” to Mr. Lobo’s projects, ironing neckties, and helping in the new Kitchen Set with Insomniac Snacks. She has already officially tied the knot with the famous Cinema Insomnia’s host in California earlier this year but a private East Coast party will be held for her friends and family in her home town on Friday July 13, 2012. Mr. Lobo has already  congratulated the new Mrs. Lobo with a hearty handshake and offers his sincerest condolences! Thanks to everyone who participated – but don’t be jealous – Dixie’s will most undoubtably need the moral support of all CInsomniacs! All hail the new First Lady of Kitsch! 



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