It’s a Non-stop Zombie Party this Week at Cinema Insomnia!

It is Monday Morning, you have just finished your third cup of steaming, hot coffee. You stare at the clock above your work station, watching the second hand moving dreadfully slow from one side of the round plastic time dome to the other. Like you CInsomniacs, it is Monday Morning here at Cinema Insomnia and this week we honor that strange, empty feeling of feeling like a ZOMBIE.

Summer is over, the children are back in school, and work days are longer as September takes it’s hold. But do not worry, we have a ZOMBIE-FILLED for you. There may be some Zombie films you have never heard of….or set your eyes upon. What ZOMBIE Film made you shiver in the night wondering if today was the day the dead would walk the Earth? What is your favorite scene in your favorite ZOMBIE film?

You can post your favorite scenes in the comment section or private message and you may see your favorite scene shared on our pages and credit. You may also take a step further and post your favorite scene clip or a picture of a poster of your favorite ZOMBIE feature on your Twitter or Instagram pages with #CIZombieWeek and we will favorite and Retweet/Share your findings.

Also This Classic Throwback Thursday Cinema Insomnia Episode will contain NONSTOP Zombie Fun……hint hint….yes you heard us right!

Prepare yourselves, CInsomniacs and Sleepless Knights alike! ZOMBIES shall “walk” among all of the Cinema Insomnia pages. GET READY……..GO!



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