Keep Those Misunderstood Movies Flying, Sleepless Knights! – “Cindy Insomnia” salutes you!

Today, with the help of the US Postal Service, MR. LOBO launched an armada of Autographed 8x10s, CINEMA INSOMNIA HAUNTED HOUSE DVDs, “BAD MOVIES” Buttons, Official FAN CLUB Kits,  and HORRIBLE NOISES CDs to the homes of “CInsomniacs” coast to coast!
DVD2We thank you for your orders–and appreciate the real love and support behind each one!

CINDY INSOMNIA reminds us that even though Sleepless Knights are usually passive by nature…they can still be passionate about their favorite show and their favorite film host.
hether you get a T-Shirt from NOVEMBER FIRE or a FAN CLUB KIT or an 8×10 or even make your own fan-made CI items, you are doing your part to keep the cheese flowing! Thanks for caring and sharing. Together we can make the would safe for Misunderstood Movies and Late Night Silliness!  

Stay Sleepless,
–Mr. Lobo


One Reply to “Keep Those Misunderstood Movies Flying, Sleepless Knights! – “Cindy Insomnia” salutes you!”

  1. Now that Midnite Mausoleum and other well-received shows have ceased production, the Horror Host Shows of quality are sparse and few indeed. I have seen the past, present and future of Classic Horror Host Shows: It remains Cinema Insomnia.

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