Lobo! Lobo, Lobo bo Bobo Bonana fanna fo Fobo Fee fy mo Mobo, Lobo!

PleaseStandByName Games got you down? As you know, on October 1st Mr. Lobo is turning his personal Facebook page private and mostly dormant ..

2 years ago, Mr. Lobo went to Google+ and was sort of happy for five minutes–until they went back on their name policy to be more like facebook. Furthermore, just like Facebook eventually did, Google suspended Mister Lobo’s account until he changed it to an account with an acceptable “normal” two-name moniker.
Now, in the wake of facebooks real name policy backlash and controversy, Google+ sees this as an opportunity to grab some of facebooks disgruntled users. They now allow Mister Lobo to use his chosen name. Mr. Lobo has now decided to give Google another go-go since they own most of the internet anyway.

“Why settle for the Lesser of of two evils? Mr. Lobo is now “Mr. Lobo” on Google+. Come find your old pal and share in the confusion…


Someone please fill Mr. Lobo in. Did the supposed “talks” with Facebook with drag performers and the LGBT community result in facebook doing nothing for the people this name game has effected? That facebook believes the real problem is the ease real name violators are turned in? And that only after you’ve been exposed–that they must enforce their biased “legal names only” policy? Isn’t that the long version of saying DON’T ASK–DON’T TELL? Did that really just happen–in 2014?”

Your Name Brand Horror Host,
Mr. Lobo

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  1. My name is quite classified…but my street name is Slim Daddy or Cracker Jack (you’ll always find a sweet surprise!). This whole matter is utterly rediculous. Loyally Yours, The Prince (Formally Agent 006)

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