Mitch Mittens Reviews “TEENAGERS FROM OUTER SPACE(1959)!”

MMReviewsEver since I was a mere tiny seedling in the MITTENS’ Family, I have enjoyed misunderstood movies from the past and even from today (misunderstood movies are EVERYWHERE). In our community and my family, MISS MITTENS is one of the bright shining plant stars of our time (next to Audrey Two of course)!  Watching my dear cousin MITCH MITTENSshow them with her co-host MR. LOBO, made me realize that I myself wanted to participate in this profession and spread the news about misunderstood films to the world. Yes, I may not be on the show like Miss Mittens but each week I will review a misunderstood movie chosen by YOU Sleepless Knights and CInsomniacs!

This week fellow CInsomniac, Frederick Jerant, suggested to tune into the 1959 black and white classic TEENAGERS FROM OUTERSPACE:MPW-78579The classic film opens up the credits to the familiar song we also hear from NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD(1968) which as any misunderstood fan should know, you know are in for a ride. So with a nice tall glass of shimmering water and MR. LOBO’S PLANT FOOD POPCORN propped against my basket, I was ready to tune into this film.teenagers-from-outer-space-pic3

If you enjoy aliens, robot sounding middle-aged men pretending to be “teenagers”, pre-STAR WARS climatic twists, dramatically split story lines, strangely humorous lobster creatures, and ray guns-this is the film for you. It all begins when a group of aliens land their spacecraft on Earth in order to find out whether the planet was suited to raise the lobster-like delicacy from their planet called “GARGONS.” Long story short, one of the aliens flees the scene after one of the crew members blasts an innocent dog with his ray gun, making the runaway “Derek” to escape to the home of a naive teenage girl and her grandfather. In turn, the maniac ray gun-happy crew member goes on a rampage transforming any person who crosses his path while on his search for Derek.

Now, MITCH MITTTENS will not spoil the rest; however, will recommend to take the INSOMNIAC OATH before tuning into this film. MITCH MITTENS gives is a 5 1/2 hypnotic eyes out of 10.

Have any more Cinsomniacs or Sleepless Knights tuned into this film? If so, what are your thoughts on it? Do you agree with the rating? Leave your comments or private massage and let us know! If you have a suggestion of another film for MITCH MITTENS to review, leave it in the comments. Thank you for “tuning in” and come back next week for another MITCH MITTENS REVIEWS!

                                                                                                        –MITCH MITTENS

2 Replies to “Mitch Mittens Reviews “TEENAGERS FROM OUTER SPACE(1959)!””

  1. One of my old faves, I had some memoires of seeing that moive one afternoon on tv when I was a kid. I was freaking scared by those monsters and I think the whole ray gun turning victumes into skeltons was scary too. I latter got this moive on DVD and thughly enjoyed watching it as an adult. I must admit I thougt the girlfriend was kind of cute.

  2. Lobsterfest From Space! I first saw this on Mystery Scince Theater 3000! And wow…what a laugh by the hundreds this sci fi sillyfest is! The TeenAge Aliens are at least 35 years old not to mention our “hero” is a big wimp! And his girl looks like a Betty Boop wannabe from the 1930’s! Hilarious! However, ray guns that turn things inti skeletons-now THAT is cool! Great Review! I give the REVIEWER 8 Potted Plants!!!

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