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More Kickstarter Rewards Rolling Out!


Everyone who donated $5 will be getting a limited edition 10th Anniversary CINEMA INSOMNIA Button made by our Friends at BUTTON-LAB.com along with a personal and heartfelt “Thank You” note from your host, MR. LOBO! Some generous donors gave much more but opted for the $5 reward level.

Below is a list of our beloved $5 donors:

Mark Brett
Michael Kane
Curt Thompson
Raechel Miller
John Stoltzfus
Matthew Warner
Ben Hesse

Included at the $5 Level is a link here on the Website. If you would like your name to link to your website please contact us at info@cinemainsomnia.com Likewise, if you are a $5 donor and you did not give us your address, we do not have you listed here. If you would like to receive your reward please email us your address.

Cinema Insomnia Fans are the best fans in the World and ALL of you are very much appreciated!



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