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More than “Fan of The Week” — Sci-Fi Bob is a “Reel” Friend to Fantastic Films!

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A collector  of films and memorabilia “SCI-FI BOB” EKMAN  is a fixture in the fandom community at large!

Before Mr. Lobo was called “Mister Lobo”, Bob and his circle of 16mm film collectors put on amazing film shows at convention halls and events  projecting a  wide variety of rare, classic and downright bizarre horror, science fiction, camp, cult, ephemeral, educational, and misunderstood movies!
sci-fiBobpoolparty      sci-fiBobjoyThe term Psychotronic came from an obscure low budget cult film The Psychotronic Man based on the obscure concept of psychotronics–Cold War paranoia over mind control. The film inspired Michael J. Weldon to call a magazine covering obscure films that he felt were under-appreciated by the mainstream Psychotronic Video.

The magazine inspired Psychotronic film societies to crop up all over the country and in the San Francisco Bay Area–Sci Fi Bob had been bringing Psychotronic film shows to the Bay Area for years when we met him in the 1990’s, continuing to serve up 16mm madness in San Francisco, Oakland, El Cerrito, Mendecino, Sacramento, Fort Bragg, San Leandro and, of course, at KFJC’s Psychotronix Film Show at Foothill College, which regularly packs the house there three times a year–often with standing sci-fiBobkfjcsoloroom only.

CINEMA INSOMNIA’S MR. LOBO was a guest at these shows from 2001-2011. Bob put together custom Mr. Lobo clocks and Cinema Insomnia Lobby Cards to give away to new fans.

We have always believed that projectionists and archivists are heroes. Bob not only preserved the past–but the present as well. He always had his trusty 35mm still camera handy to capture some of Mr. Lobo’s most important history as it was happening.

sci-fiBobwilkinsloboHe has also provided film to festivals and events hosted and co-hosted by Mr. Lobo for Bay Area Film Events, Thrillville, several Lobotronic Film Shows, and even films used in episodes of Cinema Insomnia.

Sci-Fi Bob wrote an article on Munsters collectables for Mr. and Mrs. Lobo’s magazine and supplied countless hilarious “cut and paste” fan art of Mr. Lobo for the interwebs and so much more.
Much of the ephemera on Cinema Insomnia is inspired by those shows we did together. Now that Mr. Lobo is based on the East Coast we miss him dearly.  In recent years Bob has been a loyal caretaker of his elderly father who passed away this week

bob's Dad

Thank You, Sci-Fi Bob Ekman, valued Sleepless Knight, for all your support over the years and for projecting all those misunderstood movies. We hope for many more collaborations in the future. Mr. Lobo will be sending you a “fan of the week” award–THE SLEEPLESS KNIGHT OF THE WEEK–for May 26th through June 1st 2014!sci-fiBoblobomorel


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