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Mr. Lobo is for Equal Equality For Especially Everyone Equally!


Mascaras 4Love. Horror. Arguing About Money. Three simple things. They are the fuzzy glue that bind all couples in their hearts when they make a commitment to each other. That’s why Mr. Lobo and the staff at Cinema Insomnia believe that same-sex couples, different sex couples, mixed race couples, robot couples, human and plant couples, or a foursome consisting of two clowns, a horse, and a midget with a camera should be able to get married.

Everyone…everyone…NEEDS to be nagged into taking out the garbage, NEEDS to be taken for granted, NEEDS to have their dreams squashed, NEEDS to have their feelings ignored, NEEDS to be criticized when they fart, NEEDS to be annoyed by in-laws, and NEEDS to lose everything in a messy divorce.

CINEMA INSOMNIA, MR. LOBO, his house plant MISS MITTENS, and his wife Dixie, are joining the campaign for Equal Marriage Equality for Especially Everyone Equally, figuratively taking off the fake-garter-belt with our teeth and throwing it into a national conversation about the power of love.

We’ve learned that its tougher than diamonds, rich like cream, stronger and harder than a bad girl’s dream, and it can change a hawk to a little white dove. If washed up rocker Huey Lewis can marry his band “The News” in small San Francisco ceremony–why not everyone everywhere.

Why Not, Indeed.Miss-Mittens2

Mr. Lobo is a thrice ordained reverend in The Church of Ed Wood, Universal Life Church, and The Church of the SubGenius. This means he can marry people, robots, plants, clowns, horses and midgets in LAWFUL matrimony.
To solve the problem of marriage equality, Mr. Lobo will now solemnize an internet  wedding of all life on this planet. You may want to comb your hair.

“Do you, everyone, take everyone else to be your lawfully wedded spouse?”

(Say I do)

“You do?”

“Then, by the power vested in Mr. Lobo by The Church of Ed Wood, Universal Life Church, The Church Of The SubGenius, and the State of Insomnia–I now pronounce you Everyone and Everyone Else. You may all kiss each other…just don’t get carried away.”

We’re all one big happy family now. We better start respecting each other.Equality

Equality is something that has always been an important issue in the Horror and Sci-Fi Community–Although, Mr. Lobo have never got a straight answer as to why the bots on Mystery Science Theater have offensive negro slave names…



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