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Mr. Lobo selected for July Mars Mission


War-of-the-planetswebBuilding on the success of Curiosity’s landing, NASA announced plans for a Mars expedition in July. This announcement affirms a commitment to a bold exploration program that meets our nation’s scientific fiction, horror, and pop-culturalexploration objectives. This mission threatens to be Mr. Lobo’s most dangerous since “War Of The Planets”.

PROJECT MARS MONSTER BASH is a organized effort to explore the strange borough in Butler County, Pennsylvania, USA.

At a press conference moderated by CINEMA INSOMNIA host Mr. Lobo, “Monster Bash” organizer Ron Adams was asked  if he felt there was indeed intelligent life on Mars.

Skirting the question Mr. Adams went on to say,

“Easy to get to….intersection of the PA Turnpike I-76 and I-79.  North of Pittsburgh about 15 miles.  Close enough, but not so close that folks will have to navigate the city (which is not fun for out-of-towners).  It’s about 30 minutes closer to the airport than Butler, PA was. 


150px-SpaceshipMarsPAMuch easier access to the Pittsburgh airport.  The area that Mars is in, is known to locals more as Cranberry Township.  Big mall, lots of shopping and restaurants nearby…like within a half mile.  Close to lots of things. Plus, if you go into downtown Mars (just a little town, really), there’s a flying saucer monument in the center of town!  (Laughs)”

Designed to advance high-priority goals for Mars exploration, the mission would address key questions about the potential for night life on Mars as well as discovering other friendly visitors. The mission would also provide opportunities to gather knowledge, purchase collectibles, and address the challenges of future human expeditions to Mars based fan conferences. Mr. Adams was asked how the MONSTER BASH fan conference, that he has run for 17 years would be different this year.


frs2921“We’re celebrating the fact that we’re landing on Mars.  Mars, PA that is.  We needed an area with more hotels as we were filling up every hotel in Butler, PA and then some. This new location (Mars, PA) is right at the intersection of two major highways North/South, East/West and because of that has about 20 hotels within a mile radius.  So, lots of spill over hotel rooms for Bashers.  So, that’s different and new!  We’ll still have all the great events and celebrations we do for classic horror and science fiction films, more vendors, more guests…the outdoor drive-in screening on Saturday night in the parking lot of the host hotel.

MonsterBash-276x300This years theme is two-fold this year.  Celebrating our landing in Mars, PA with sci-fi events….and a Reunion of some Universal favorites…Donnie Dunagan (SON OF FRANKENSTEIN), Janet Ann Gallow (GHOST OF FRANKENSTEIN), Ron Chaney (Lon Chaney Jr.’s grandson ), Shemp Howard’s family (Shemp was a Universal stock player before re-joining the Three Stooges)….”

Mr. Adams went on to explain exactly how they would do their famous Drive-In type movies in this new venue.

“Saturday night (pending weather), we’ll be doing a screening, drive-in style in the parking lot of the hotel.  There is a large grass lawn in the center of the front parking lot.  We’re be running electric from one of the poles with a giant fast-fold screen anchors out there.  The giant screen is thanks to Mark Bialek of the Drive-In club.  Geoffrey Curtis, Brian Keegan and Keven (that’s how he spells it) Scarpini make-up our projection team. People can park in their cars and face the screen or, they can sit on the lawn.  We’ll have a PA system outside.”
This missions design would obviously advance fandom priorities for Monster Kids and CInsomniacs nation-wide, and encourage NASA to allow Mars explorations of this type in the future on an annual basis.

NASA is preparing one of our nations best Horror Movie Hosts to set up a base camp in the vending room at the MARS MONSTER BASH. Once established he will assist the project by presenting the Universal film FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLF MAN at 3PM on the Friday of the Conference. 

Mr. Lobo asked Ron to explain exactly when and where will Mr. Lobo be hosting FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLF MAN and what is programmed arouMonster Bash Danielnd it?

“There’s a little VFW in Ohio……no, seriously, ol’ Lobo will be sandwiched between Ed Wood stock player Conrad Brooks from PLAN 9 who will give a talk and a another talk about FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLF MAN by noted author and historian Greg Man.  Sounds like a good sandwich to me. It will take place in our movie room (The Larry Talbot Room).”movieroom

Conrad Brooks will be informed that Mr. Lobo’s program starts at 3pm but several Monster Bash Volunteers will be ready with a net and tear gas if the veteran actor threatens the mission by going long.

LoboconradlloydSpeaking of other guests Mr. Lobo asked Ron Adams at the Press Meeting if there were celebrities–other than himself–that he was excited about.

The shows organizer joked back,
“Only you, Mr. Lobo…only you.  Are you going to be there this year?  (Laughs)  Seriously, you really bring a lot of fun to the celebration of these movies and we appreciate it, as all the attendees.  I’m looking forward to all the new guests and returning guests that are “Bash family.”  Besides the great, great Abbott & Costello impersonators (Joe Ziegler & Bill Reiley), there’s going to be an Elvis impersonator that will blow people away.  Looks, talks and sings just like Elvis circa 1969.  Amazing.  Hey, Bash is really about growing up with pop culture (with the monsters as a focal point), but the true core is reliving that wonder and excitement of growing up in our pop culture.  Batmobile will be parked out front too this year.  Blam and zowie.  Oh, (of course) Shemp Howard’s family…”davepennycountlobo

zombeeatomicbrainThe budget for this mission is contingent on future appropriations. To keep mission costs and risks low, the highly capable Mr. Lobo will offer CINEMA INSOMNIA merchandise as well as THE ATOMIC BRAIN DVDs, autographed photos, and a LIMITED EDITION MONSTER BASH EXCLUSIVE POSTER. ZOM-BEE TV will be covering this historic event on the martian surface with their cameras and portions of the mission will be broadcast in August, 2013. Zom-Bee TV is currently producing new CINEMA ISNOMNIA episodes from their studio in Northern Virginia. Here’s a Free Sample of Mr. Lobo hosting The Atomic Brain as seen on his new channel.

Take advantage of this favorable launch opportunity when Earth’s favorite Monster Kid convention and Mars are in advantageous orbits and plan a Mars landing yourself.

For those of you who have not been fortunate enough to attend MONSTER BASH before and are planning to attend this year for the first time Ron Adams had this to say.

“It’s a celebration of classic monster movies and growing up in the amazing landscape of pop culture from the past.  We are very retro.  So image-26271-fulldon’t expect modern/slasher/torture movie screenings or events.  I describe Bash is a couple of ways that seems to make the translation…we’re the “Disney of horror convention,”  “A family reunion of Monster KIds who grew up in the 1950s-1970s,” “Like walking into a ‘live version’ of a vintage Famous Monsters magazine.”  Guest movie and TV stars of the past, TV horror hosts (like someone we both know), lots of vendors with retro/vintage stuff, classic film screenings and events that tie-in to the movies….re-enactments, roaming monsters and heroes, nutty stuff happening all through the show.”

mothraloboThe prolific horror host will be  about six hours east in Phoenixville, PA the week before hosting DEADLY MANTIS, TARANTULA, and THEM at a special Bug-Out edition of BLOBFEST and then the week after 4 hours South of Mars Mister Lobo will be hosting MOTHRA at the Alamo Drafthouse in Winchester VA. The veteran Monster Man and proprietor of CREEPY CLASSICS, an online source for Monster Memerobillia and DVDs, chimed in on Mr. Lobo’s tour of duty.

“Big bugs, I love big bugs and its the season for them as we get into summer time!  You’ll be keeping Orkin in business. Thanks Mr. Lobo!”

Mr. Lobo merely zipped up his space suit and gave a familiar salute, “Nanoo Nanoo!” which we believe is Martian talk for “SEE YOU AT THE BASH!”

glowing ball



  • June 15, 2013 at 2:09 AM

    Nanoo, Nanoo, indeed.

  • June 15, 2013 at 2:06 AM

    I feel there is a vast, far reaching conspiracy to keep me away from the Bash this year. I am not falling for this Mars Red Herring and I am ashamed that you, Mr Lobo, are in on the whole thing. What did Ron promise you? Complimentary slippers? A subscription to GRIT magazine? A case of Bacon flavored Spam?
    How cheaply you are bought.
    No, I will be at the Motel 3 in East Slippery Rock where my contacts have told me the REAL Bash is taking place. See you there.

  • June 14, 2013 at 3:35 PM
    Prince Everlove

    “And thus he spake: ‘Yea, I do bring forth the ATOMIC BRAIN DVD for which thou hast longeth and languished for so long’.” Book Of Lobo Ch. 10:7…Oh tell me it’s true! We Fans have salivated, dreamed and consoled our hearts dreaming ever so patiently for this Gem, this Jewel, this Classic Cinema Insomnia Episode to appear. And yes, well worth the wait!


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