Mr. Lobo


Mr. Lobo with SkullShrouded in mystique, this innovative horror host has presided over the nationally syndicated late night TV show CINEMA INSOMNIA for over 10 years. The show has been seen in hundreds of television and cable markets. He produced a 2006 Halloween spectacular that had a footprint of 45 Million households. Dozens of episodes have been distributed on home video and can be streamed and downloaded via many services. Fans donated over $10,000 via KICKSTARTER to help produce new Cinema Insomnia episodes for 2012-2013.

More recently, The show has found a new audience on connected television via ZOM-BEE TV and AMGTV. And can be seen on ROKU streaming devices.

The tall dark stranger has made many appearances in independent genre films including the role of CRISWELL in the long awaited remake of PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE called PLAN 9 AMERICAN SCARYCITIZEN WOOD, and VIRGINIA CREEPERS are among the several documentaries centered on films, sub-genres, film hosts, and television shows he’s been involved with. His distinctive voice can be heard on commercials and trailers including the HARDWARE WARS 30th ANNIVERSARY marketing campaign.

Mr. Lobo was also parodied on SCOOBY-DOO: MYSTERIES INCORPORATED, when his likeness, inspired the villain Professor Rofalo, unmasked at the end of the episode Beware The Beast From Below.

In 2009 he challenged WWE star Chris Jericho to a “thumb wrestling” match at the peak of a scandal. On TV and the internet TMZ reported and followed the scandal after an incident at the SACRAMENTO HORROR FILM FESTIVAL where the pro-wrestler hurled racial and lifestyle slurs at the event MC, Mr. Lobo.

Mr. Lobo has made hundreds of live appearances all over the country and is a special guest at WONDERCON, MONSTER BASH, and BLOBFEST.

“Man Of The Hour” he was roasted by a celebrity panel of TV horror hosts including Zacherley as part of the  HORRORHOUND 2011 convention in Indianapolis Indiana.

A favorite guest on talk shows, he was=  the special guest on COAST TO COAST AM WITH GEORGE NOORY for 2 hours for 4.5 million listeners.

Known as advocate for “Bad Movies”, he claims, “They’re not bad movies just misunderstood”.