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“Mr. Lobo is the best thing going.”

Bob Wilkins
Legendary Host, KTVU’s Creature Features

“I love Cinema Insomnia…”

Elvira, Mistress of The Dark
Horror Hostess

“Mr. Lobo’s easy to work with…great guy, funny and smart!”

Ron Dante
Recording Artist / Producer, “The Archies”

“I love horror movie hosts, and Mr. Lobo and his Cinema Insomnia syndicated TV program are just terrific! The show is full of high camp, and Lobo is just hilarious as a demented Rod Serling type! His comedy skits, clever jokes, campy vintage commercials and monster movie trailers are very entertaining. Lobo is funny without knocking the B-horror pictures he runs. . . which shows true talent and creativity! Watch and I’m sure you’ll agree 100%. This is what fun, entertaining TV should be. . . . and actually was. . . years back before corporate pinhead mentalities took over!”

William Winckler
Director, Double D Avenger, Frankenstein Vs. The Creature From Blood Cove

“One reason above many that qualifies Mr. Lobo as a consummate professional is that he is able to synchronize having fun with delivering high quality entertainment and commentary to the fans of the B through Z grade horror films.”

Tim Meunier
Festival Director/Organizer, Sacramento Horror Film Festival

“…Mr. Lobo is a legendary horror host in his own right.”

Peaches Christ
Cult Movie Hostess, Midnight Mass

“The World’s Greatest Horror Host Since Dr. Paul Bearer. I grew up watching Creature Feature and thought there would never be another Horror Host to watch. I was wrong. Out of the blue Mr. Lobo was created. He will soon become a legend as not only Horror Host but writer and he is one of the most generous and funny men I have ever had a pleasure to work with.”

Tressa Graves
Horror Novelist

“…probably the most innovative and interesting horror host in the country right now, the one and only Mr. Lobo!”

Dr. Abner Mality
Editor, Wormwood Chronicles

“Mr. Lobo and his program Cinema Insomnia recaptures the feel of old-fashioned late-night movie nostalgia. Many older readers will remember that this is how these films used to be seen in an era long before DVD, VHS, or for that fact Cable TV. Mr. Lobo does an excellent job adding comic relief between scenes and there are a lot of good trailers and classic adds added into the mix. Overall a great trip down memory lane for those of us who can remember, and great campy fun for the younger generation.”

Kenneth Hulsey
Entertainment reporter and reviewer, Monster Island News

“Mr. Lobo, as the television horror host of Cinema Insomnia is, by far, the MOST entertaining macabre movie MC I did ever see. Mr. Lobo’s comedically spooky skits are incredibly sophisticated, yet, retain a childlike ingenuousness that the entire spectrum of fans, of this jolly ghoulish genre, will most assuredly find to be fun-filled viewing.
Mr. Lobo’s Cinema Insomnia presents many ‘Cult movie’ classics and is, in and of itself, a classy classic program that can be viewed over and over again, much the same as The Twilight Zone or Star Trek.”

Tor Hersman
Artist, Wheeling, West Virginia

“Mr. Lobo, for those of you who may not be familiar with him, is a Sacramento-based horror host that may soon be coming to a cable network near you. Not only do you get Mr. Lobo’s hilarious wraparounds, you get a healthy heaping of retro commercials and lots of trailers both old and new. While low-budget, Mr. Lobo has a great sense of comic timing and some very funny writing.”

Gerry Carpenter
Webmaster and reviewer, SciFilm.Org

“Mr. Lobo flies high in my book!
What can I say – you REALLY do that old horror host tradition RIGHT!”

George “E-Gor” Chastain

“Mr. Lobo is part guide, part observer, part critic and part experimenter. Like a post-postmodern man, he creates something new out of the cinematic salvage heap left to horror hosts and each trip through Mr. Lobo’s domain is like a guided tour of the Island of Misfit Toys. As a result, Cinema Insomnia is marked by a wonderful displacement in time and culture, full of juxtaposed images from our collective past and present.”


“Mister Lobo is a total professional. I had him have a wonderful cameo in my first film Baby Jane? and he was perfect.”

Billy Clift
Writer/Producer/Director at JUST FINE Productions

“Mr. Lobo is a TV host with few peers. He understands what it takes to put together his show and won’t settle for anything less than the best work for everyone in the studio.”
Joe Corey
Columnist for THE PARTY FAVORS

“Mister Lobo is a true ‘One Off’ who brings his own style and charisma to every performance and production. He is a great host with an exceptional knowledge of film.”

Ron Aberdeen

“Mister Lobo’s Cinema Insomnia is one of the most consistently entertaining “horror host” productions I’ve had the pleasure of viewing: from his choice and treatment of movies on display through the good humor and innovation seen during his own segments. I’ve been pleased to recommend Lobo’s show in the context of my own and would be happy to do so again.”

Shane Dallmann
Monster Mayhem Productions

“Mr. Lobo is the most talented and easy going artist I have ever encountered in all of my 30 years of experience working with graphic artists. I recommend him for any important project that requires creative flair and innovation.”

Dawn Deason
Executive Producer, 3D Media Solutions

“Impeccable movie host and horror maven, Mister Lobo embodies the zeitgeist of the genre with panache and creative mojo, bringing new life to dead films. Witty, funny, ingratiating, and always warmly sinister to a fault, Mister Lobo’s Cinema Insomnia brings the UP to “up all night” movie viewing every time.”

John Cozzoli