Mr. Lobo’s Fan of the Week Brings on the “Mojo!”

408462_475613249141130_734495560_nMISTER LOBO and RUSSELL “MOJO MAN” HUNSBERGER struck a chord a few years ago when he first saw CINEMA INSOMNIA back in when it aired on KTEH 54 in Concord CA. After they officially met in 2005, they partnered up for the half time show at Wondercon 2005 in San Francisco where Russ was the stage ninja. 526807_487246331311155_820077734_n

This lead Russ to graciously ask Mr. Lobo to participate in his band FANS OF JIMMY CENTURY music video for their song Hot Sahara.

Over the years they have become very good friends through their discussions of misunderstood movies. Mojo Man often offered up his home in Concord as a base for Lobo’s appearances and events and has even supplied props, screeners, and manpower for countless projects. He also booked MR. LOBO to be a special guest at a convention he was part of called CARNIVAL OF STARS. When MR. LOBO had a cameo in the CINEMA INSOMNIA featured film A HARD DAYS NIGHTMARE, Russ played an extra monster in the film and brought several friends as was instrumental in keeping up moral and making sure The Lobo’s arrived on time and remained well fed.

The exuberant, warm, funny, and energetic Mojo Man explains…

“We would talk about misunderstood movies and we would riff films from my library. Great guy and I would help set up at shows which was a lot of fun and watch the table when he would have to do a panel. He is one of the most clever and quick witted people I have ever met and I will always do what I can to help out on whatever endeavors he has going on.”

10325410_674610999241353_3837615492268018139_nThank You, RUSS “MOJO MAN” HUNSBERGER, valued Sleepless Knight, for ALL of your support and for watching all those Misunderstood Movies! Mr. Lobo will be sending you an autographed “fan of the week” award–THE SLEEPLESS KNIGHT OF THE WEEK–for July 25th through the 31st!



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