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Mr. LOBO’s pal “Larry Servo” from ED WOOD’S VENUS FLYTRAP episode takes the ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE

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Talented Artist, Designer, Musician, Performer and Sleepless Knight LARRY LEE MONIZ has helped us out many times on CINEMA INSOMNIA and his generous spirit doesn’t end there. Recently he and his SERVO puppet that he built made an ALS ICE BUCKET challenge video that already has around 10,000 hits on YouTube. That’s a lot of awareness for a worthy cause!

As you may remember from THURSDAY’S THROWBACK CINEMA INSOMNIA episode, ED’ WOOD’S VENUS FLY TRAP, Larry does an uncanny impression TOM SERVO and JOEL. MR. LOBO invited Larry to come on the 10th Anniversary season premiere to perform as “Larry Servo” in a spoof of MST3K. Larry also wrote and performed “”THE TOTALLY FAKE-GHOST BUSTERS THEME” for the CINEMA INSOMNIA HAUNTED HOUSE SPECIAL that is now on DVD.

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream


1 Comment

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