newjerseyMM3New Jersey USA–Home of The Jersey Devil, Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco–the actual site that served as “Camp Crystal Lake” in the original FRIDAY THE 13th, Grovers Mill–invaded by Martians in the infamous THE WAR OF THE WORLDS Halloween radio broadcast of 1938, Haddonfield–inspiration for the fictional “Illinois” town in JOHN CARPENTER’S HALLOWEEN,The colonial-style Tom’s River house used in the THE AMITYVILLE HORROR movie as a double for the real one in New York, legendary horror-punk band The Misfits, Tromaville and Nuke ‘Em High, and many real-life horror stories of severe
autism due to environmental pollution.

Naturally, New Jersey is also the home of the MONSTER-MANIA CONVENTION, at the OYAL PLAZA HOTEL in Cherry Hill(The “R” is burned out).

After, a being uninvited to another famous New Jersey convention last year, Horror Host

Mr. Lobo of CINEMA INSOMNIA thought that his chances of visiting this mecca of horror soon were slim to none.newjerseyMM2
ZOM-BEE TV and our sponsor PINE BROS. throat drops aquired a table at the last minute to this show to promote the channel and the coming new shows and format to horror fans. ZOM-BEE personalities Mr. Lobo of CINEMA INSOMNIA, Karlos Borloff of MONSTER MADHOUSE, John Dimes of THE SPOOKY MOVIE were
asked to “press the flesh” with the many many horror fans in attendance and spread the word.
newjerseyMMDixie Dellamorto was on the team and she covered their visit for her website HORROR HOSTS AND CREATURE FEATURES and you can read her article at HORRORHOSTMAGAZINE.COM. Some of thier adventures in and out of the hotel will be part of a brand new special coming to ZOM-BEE TV.

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