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Previously leaked Sneak Peek sceneĀ  from PLAN 9(2014) Pan and Scan version. This is not the way the movie was intended to be seen by the director. The Pan and Scan version will ONLY be released in select countries…But, shown here as it is a dying art.

” Being a child of the 80’s and seeing so many films in this format–decades later viewing how they were originally intended in letterbox format, blew my mind. However, the “pan and scan” version is how I remember most of those old films fondly. Our film is so reminiscent of those earlier flicks, (so we celebrate) the PAN and SCAN version!”
– Director John Johnson


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  • August 17, 2014 at 7:29 AM

    I agree. Before the age of the wide screen TVs. The only way to see movies on the small screen was in pan n scan and letterbox. I remember thinking as a child, that the letterbox was wasting a lot of room on the screen. I actually preferred the pan n scan technique to letterbox. Until my father pointed out that wasn’t the whole movie. That the faces of other actors and background shots the might be important were being cut out. He often over explained things but Im thankful for that. Now I enjoy the virtue of both art forms.


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