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OOZE THE BOSS? BLOB Producer Honored, Sort of.

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JackHHarristheblobposterFirst off, MR. LOBO is not a journalist nor Historian and doesn’t always get things right. But we’re just a tad miffed right now over a recent article. You would think common sense would dictate that the purpose of a STAR ON THE WALK OF FAME is to acknowledge, remember, and respect a someone’s accomplishments.

Hollywood industry publication VARIETY posted this slightly snarky article “‘Blob’ Director Jack L. Harris Gets His Walk of Fame Close-up”
This is kinda  nice–However,  he was not the “Director” of the Blob but “Producer” and his middle initial is “H” not “L” and there is a lot of dismissing language as far the types of films he presented–calling him huckster(as if A-Movie producers are not).

After a career in distribution, THE BLOB (1958), was Harris’ his producing debut. It was Steve McQueen’s first starring role and a Drive In-Smash as the B-Feature to I MARRIED A MONSTER FROM OUTER SPACE(1958). According to the Variety article “Harris persuaded a sleepy Christian-themed film company in Pennsylvania to put its trained technicians to work on the movie, which was shot in three weeks at a cost of $110,000.”
This seems like a condescending slap in the face at the expense of Directors Irwin “Shorty” Yeaworth Jr. and Russell S. Doughten Jr. and all the hardworking folks of the Phoenixville area who to this day are mcqueenloboVERY proud their part of their part in Monster Movie History.

The article also says that THE BLOB (1958) grossed more than $3 million and Harris has never revealed how the sticky red ooze was made–Well, he probably didn’t know!

You may not get to Hollywood to see his star on the sidewalk bwesstankut you can enjoy his colorful legacy by coming to Phoenixville July 11th-July 13th  and seeing THE BLOB on big screen in the famous COLONIAL THEATRE where it filmed at our annual BLOBFEST hosted this year by MR. LOBO! And Look for JACK H. HARRIS running out of the theater in his Hitchcockian cameo!


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    Philistines!!!! Love The Blob!!!!!


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