New Year, New Theme, It’s 80’s Retro Month!

384197_1107208865965689_7472649573178251726_nWelcome to 2016, Sleepless Knights and CInsomniacs! It’s a new year, new opportunities, but still bringing you the misunderstood goodies! This month, we’re going “Back In Time” this month despite the new year. A reflective look, if you will, to a time where cinema was fluent with films that were questionable to the “normal” mind’s eye. There were thrills, chills, and comedic stills ingrained within our brains from then to now.

220px-Killer_klowns_posterKiller Clowns with Cotton Candy Cocoons, Weird Cannibal Family Sequels, Vengeful Pirates in Search of Their Gold, and other Tales to make you keep coming back for more. Comic books, vintage toys from your childhood, many things will come back to remind you that THEY ARE NOT BAD, JUST MISUNDERSTOOD. 

What are your favorite memories from those times? Was it the music? The films? The retro clothes? The hair? What do you consider the most misunderstood film from the 80’s that you can’t get enough of anytime you view it? Comment and Share your favorite memories!

We are always searching for new things to share with you pertaining to the themes of the 220px-Texas_chainsaw_massacre_2_postermonth. Search through your scrap book of memories and send us your pictures, RETRO themed art, tattoo art, collection of your 80’s films or film figures, or pictures/video of anything you think pertains to the theme and it will be shared on our pages to be seen and enjoyed by all! That even includes pictures of your your big hair, ladies.

For the fans who have fan art, we have seen them over the years and enjoy every piece you have. Keep sending them all in and we’ll share them this month and many years to come! Show your love for Cinema Insomnia and all things 80s!


il_570xN.794880400_qwqmIf you do not any art or posters, check out DIXIE DELLAMOROTO LOBO’S ETSY shop and pick up a copy of her creation in tribute to the 1981 John Carpenter Classic “ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK”. There are other items pertaining to the 80’s as well as CINEMA INSOMNIA and OSI74 merchandise for you to add to your collection.

Don’t forget, CINEMA INSOMNIA is now on OSI74 Saturday Sleepover Nights on the OSI74 Channel you can download on your ROKU. If you don’t have a ROKU, you can tune into episodes your missed on the OSI74 Vimeo Channel:

Time to Go Retro, Let’s Go!


12:01 Beyond X-Mas Special! And OSI Thank JAR for producer Josh Hadley!

OSI Presents 12:01 BEYOND – Do Not Open Till Christmas Special


1201-logo-mock_1-300x300Enjoy here for free and on ROKU. In the spirit of the seson, why not give a buck or two to 12:01 BEYOND Producer Josh Hadley? He is a tireless supporter and friend of OSI 74 and CINEMA INSOMNIA. He a has given us his great show FREE to share with you through your television and computer screens at his own expense. We have our own kind of tip jar on the OSI 74 website that we call the “THANKJar from OSI.” Thank you Josh for what you do and for all the sleepless nights you sacrifice to bring us your show! And THANK YOU OSI and CINEMA INSOMNIA fans for the support!

Josh also has a store where you can get 12:01 BEYOND shirts! Purchase one for this holiday season for yourself and to the 12:01 BEYOND fans in YOUR family!

ThankJar1201BEYONDAbout OSI ThankJAR,

A new innovation. A symbol. An empty jar. When the brain trust at Outer Space International set out to reinvent the tip jar, they asked themselves, “Why do we tip?” In the service industry when someone brings you food, carries your bags, washes your beard, or does something personal for you–they are for that moment working only for you. The producers of our shows work for you. It’s personal.

If you like how they’re doing their job and you feel it’s added something to your lifestyle–Thank them by putting something in their Tip Jar. Our NEW Tip Jar is called ThankJAR from OSI. Other crowd funding services are good but mostly they are a reward for work that hasn’t been done yet. This is a thank you for work already done. Some people don’t need another mug or a T-shirt and just want to show support for something they enjoy. ThankJAR is yet another way of doing this.

When you see a producer’s ThankJAR online you can click on it or use the QR code to take you to their PayPal or other account where you can choose how much you want to tip. There will also be real world ThankJARS at conventions and events. Content Creators keep 100% of what goes in their ThankJAR. There is also a universal ThankJar for the channel that is shared with all our producers who have a ThankJar. You can just support your favorite shows or all the shows. We work for you and we appreciate your support. All Systems Go!

This has been a Public Service Announcement from Our Host and President of OSI 74, MR. LOBO!

Happy Birthday Mr. Lobo and Thank You, Mr. and Mrs. Lobo!

To Our Respective Horror Host and His Bride,

12273091_10153737264273428_322218449_nFor over 10 years, you have worked endless hours, written countless script pages, spent numerous hours watering and keeping Miss Mittens satisfied, edited multiple takes and outtakes of footage (understood and misunderstood, respectively), endured trials and curve-balls life has thrown at you. Despite all of this, you keep coming back doing what you love by creating colorful art in an a gray world. This last year you created a new platform for hosts, talented artists, filmmakers, and other talented individuals to come show the world their gifts.

11228905_10208085593722765_2663900640256994906_nMrs. Lobo, you are a valuable asset and beloved companion who brings an extra spice to the show and overall community. We are all indeed thankful for you and everything you do to make OSI 74 and Cinema Insomnia possible. You are Mr. Lobo’s partner, soulmate, and partner in crime. Much like Batman, Ted Theodore Logan (Bill and Ted), and many other super teams and Wild Stallions-they are stronger together than apart.

We bring you numerous gifts, Mr. Lobo. In letters, small words, and videos. Enjoy!

A Letter From Sleepless Knight Marjorie Chardem:

Dear Mr. Lobo,

Here’s a lot of gratitude for all the good times. You’ve added only joy to my life. The first time I saw you was at the showing of The Undertaker. My friends threw me up on stage and I climbed through the ranks to become Reel 7 girl. I accomplished this only after offering a suggestion of how to dispose of a deceased baby mittens and giving one good ol’ fashioned horror gal scream! It was one of those perfect moments in life that was devoid of flaw. Just one amazing ride that didn’t have that ‘but then this happened’ downside. Also, I had never seen The Undertaker and it opened a whole new world of cinematic history and the belly of the horror hosting world to my virgin eyes. Lastly, I am still friends with the women I met onstage that night. So thank you. Yes, the letter goes on. Filming with you, Dixie and Larry was another untainted memory. I remember getting to hunt down the usher costume from All About Evil. I recall squeezing myself into the jacket and becoming a tiny piece of horror host history. Believe me when I tell you and Dixie that it was an honor to step on set and that my favorite part of the evening was when Dixie painted on my eye liner (a treat for a fan girl like me). It was also the moment that I broke Servo (face palm), realized how naughty your jokes are and you taught me the PROPER way to point to myself. I’ll never forget the moment you said to me, “Imagine I’m your harmless uncle, completely smooth from the waist down.” I was forever touched. Lastly, I just want to thank you for all you do for us. You are very kind to your fans and it’s the details that count. A handwritten note, an autograph and a sense of grace are more important than you know. Your love of cinema and your comic timing are your staples but your generosity to those who support you will be your legacy. Here’s to you and Dixie!



Art, Pictures, and Videos Provided by Sleepless Knights Lady Kim Wailes, Sir Garrett Mehaffey, Sir Scott Bradley, Sir Paul Knight, Blast From the Past Pictures from Sir Sci-fi Bob Eckman, Sir Joseph Herb, Sir Lawrence Laney Loftin & Son, and Sir Buddha Gonzalez:





















All of us Sleepless Knights and CInsomniacs are extremely thankful for you, Mr. Lobo. Today, we would be not where we are at without your inspiration, drive, and passion. Ok and a little bit of swing to it.12283301_10153737234408428_100695574_n We can continue to go on and on with this article but I think we’ve shown you the past three days and will continue to show you how much we appreciate you!

On a personal note, I’d like to thank you for allowing me to come on board to the Cinema Insomnia family. I’ve never felt so welcome anywhere else in my life. You have allowed me to come on board as your intern when I was in college to help and learn the ropes. For almost two years, you still keep me on and I am completely thankful for all I’ve learned and continue to learn. This community, show, and family has grown so much since then and I can’t wait to see what is to come in the future.

We love you Mr. Lobo and Mrs. Lobo and continue to believe that “THEY’RE NOT BAD MOVIES, JUST MISUNDERSTOOD!”


Lady Cayce Campaign, Sleepless Knights, and CInsomniac Family


It’s “Horror Host Appreciation Month” Here!

FotorCreatedRemember, Remember, Remember November. October was quite a month! The launch of OSI 74 was a bit bumpy but a success nonetheless. With Wild Fridays, Saturday Morning Fun and Sleepovers, and Secret Sundays, how can you not want to delve into all of the fun? Now of course we are all suffering from Post Halloween Depression Disorder, but November is here. Every November is laid out with the autumn filled days leading up to Thanksgiving.

This year, there is much to be thankful for here at CINEMA INSOMNIA.

DevilDollThe ole grand misunderstood films we have been given from the past, present, and future! Miss Mittens, in all of her green glory, always bringing joy to plants everywhere through our television and computer screens. For the long line of Reel 7 girls who have come to attempt to boost our ratings with males from 18-25, we salute you! To you loyal SLEEPLESS KNIGHTS and CINSOMNIACS for continuing to support us and our mission to spread the news that, “THEY’RE NOT BAD MOVIES–JUST MISUNDERSTOOD!” But out of all these major components that make the show great, we are forever thankful for our legendary host….MR. LOBO!



For over ten years, going on fifteen, MR. LOBO has brought us the good, the bad, and the ugly of misunderstood films. Our show has been broadcasted on the air, through live stream, and now through the evolution of television OSI 74. MR. LOBO has worked a many sleepless nights through insomnia in order to bring CINEMA INSOMNIA to you loyal fans.

He, along with many other Horror Hosts, have brought joy and treasured memories to our homes for generations. This month, we honor them by appreciating them and all of their hard work.

Who are your favorite Horror Hosts of all time? Is there one particular one that will forever stick out to you since your childhood? What are your most favorite memories? Leave us comments down below or on our pages. Send us in pictures of your horror hosts! We will share them on our pages. If you had your picture taken with them, share them too.

We are counting down the days to Thanksgiving. Let’s Share about the Horror Hosts we are thankful for!

Tonight For Your HALLOWEEN Pleasure, CINEMA INSOMNIA Goes LIVE On OSI74!

_Mr__Lobo__by_CankeredRoseLast night, Outer Space International went Live and we are still fixing things. reloading, reformatting, rewriting, re-posting, testing, testing, testing… We think OSI 74 looks great and it’s because of the wonderful men and women who have come together in this collective. Their good will, big favors, support and amazing talents has made dream real! This is just the beginning. We are the future!  One Small Step and a Giant Leap of Reason! THANK YOU!  The Mr. Lobo and the rest of the OSI74 Team with continue bringing you content for the whole family on your HALLOWEEN!

If you haven’t yet added the OSI channel yet, here is the link you may follow to add it to your ROKU:

Tonight, CINEMA INSOMNIA Goes LIVE on OSI74…..will you be watching?



MR. LOBO Loves A Good Game–But, Prepare To Die! Gamers, Beware The WE TALK GAMES Podcast SPOOKTACULAR!


MR. LOBO is a Special Guest and Leads Panel Discussion at RETRO CON 2015

Oaks PAThe Mighty RETRO CON has invited your favorite television movie host back to meet and greet fans and talk about CULT FILMS, the future of CINEMA INSOMNIA on OSI 74, and Mr. Lobo’s new podcast SLEEPLESS KNIGHTS WITH MR. LOBO. Guest Speakers at the 3 PM panel discussion include Newt Wallen of MIDNIGHT SHOW and Michael Joy from HORRORNEWS.NET. It’s always a great time–See you there!