PLAN 9 now available in 2600 Walmarts!

untitled-1Ahh, the devastatingly low low prices, the cool blue buzz of florescent bulbs, the sounds of crying children, the borderline suicidal employees…. This is Walmart as we know it. We know that it’s sometimes hard to get intelligent free thinking Science Fiction fans to go into a corporate big box store — but trust us, you’ll be happy you did if you find a copy of the new PLAN 9 on DVD.15875390_10211316491925014_1459437265733184505_oIn this film our favorite horror host, Mr. Lobo, has an uncharacteristically dramatic role as the foul mouthed washed up alcoholic pseudo-celebrity “Criswell” turned action hero.

Tor can’t contain his excitement! Photo submitted by Joe Chapman

Help Darkstone Entertainment and Mr. Lobo spread the word! Post a selfie with your newly acquired PLAN 9 DVD and TAG PLAN 9 with a pic of you holding your copy to get a free Digital Download of another movie and Digi-SWAG from PLAN 9 and Darkstone Entertainment!!!

John Robert Price II
Film Star, John Robert Price II poses with PLAN 9 at Walmart.



I know we romanticized the Walmartcapture experience, but if you just can’t bring yourself to enter the threshold of the corporate giant you can always buy the disk from the comfort of your computer chair on Amazon for a few dollars more:

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