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Rare Cinema Insomnia Shows Ready to Go to a Good Home!

A special offer for Sleepless Knights of Insomnia and fair weather insomniacs!

Thanks for your support, cInsomniacs! It’s a rough biz sometimes but with your help we will make this world safe for misunderstood movies. Brand new shows will be rolling out for the fall! Below is a list of out-of-print Apprehensive Films DVD titles I have left…I will autograph them and include a free limited edition Mr. Lobo trading card!

-Gappa: Monsters From the Prehistoric Planet

-Prince Of Space

-Non Stop Movie Party: Zombies

-Carnival Of Souls

-First Spaceship On Venus

-Santa Claus Conquers The Martians

-A Bucket Of Blood

-Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome

-Voyage To The Prehistoric Planet

-Eegah! The Name Wriien In Blood

-Gamera Super Monster

-The Brain that Wouldn’t Die


-The Last Man On Earth

-Invasion Of the Neptune Men (Box without Cover)

These RARE disks are now(for a limited time) $20 each and ship for $2

I also have a Double Disk set Halloween Special with Mark Of The Damned I and II
and that goes for $40 plus $2 shipping.

Please send funds via paypal plan-9fromouterspace@hotmail.com

Your Cinema Insomnia host forever,
Mr. Lobo




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