Saturday Night Zom-Bee TV Comes Alive with NEW CINEMA INSOMNIA!


Zombee SplashGreCI Tonights Episodeetings, CINEMA INSOMNIACS! You deserve a NEW EPISODE of CINEMA INSOMNIA and the time has finally come! ZOM-BEE TV and MR. LOBO have been working hard, packing nasty sausages, and slaying dragons behind the scenes, at the expense of fresh content for too long.
The time has come to roll out new shows for you. 
We thank you for your patience. We do it all for you. We can’t exist without you. Going forward ZOM-BEE TV will have a different selection of content every night. We know some of you viewers haven’t beeglowing balln back for a while because of the lack of new content. We get it. It’s time to come back. And keep coming back. Check often–you will see a selection of new stuff every night of the week. Saturday Nights belong to CI. Saturday Night enjoy an ALL NEW CINEMA INSOMNIA episode with your new favorite movie host Mr. Lobo presenting a 2009 remix of a classic horror film. There will also be a classic CINEMA INSOMNIA episode featured. Next week will be another ALL NEW never before seen episode with another more recent Horror-Comedy film from 2013–but don’t worry we will still be wrapping around classic Misunderstood Movies from the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and beyond. There are a lot of exciting things coming that we can’t talk about, yet. We’re glad to have you with us and we appreciate your fandom.

See you Saturday Night!Studio-Shots-(2)

One thought on “Saturday Night Zom-Bee TV Comes Alive with NEW CINEMA INSOMNIA!

  1. Well I never left been getting caught up on the Classic Ep’s online, Thx Mr. Lobo for the New Ep’s for my Roku!!! Going Downstairs, Systems Online, Q Roku, Engage!!!!

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