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Other Fun Stuff!



Lobovision Glasses


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See right through- Salesmen, Teachers, Politicians, Hype, Pundits, Hipsters, Trends, Drama, Co-workers, Family members, Advertising, Nonsense, and more, just like Mr. Lobo!

ALL NEW LOBOVISION GLASSES They have “Clear” plastic lenses–but you will finally be able to see things Mr. Lobo’s way!

Measuring 6 inches across, these Black frames with hinged ear pieces and horn rims will make you look like a nationally syndicated late night movie host!

Retro futuristic styling! Seem taller and more amusing! Appear smarter and less threatening! Prevent unwanted pregnancies! Yell at houseplants! Take on WWE wrestlers with your mind! Foil meddling kids and their stupid dog! Tell off arrogant actors! Cut out spirals on packaging and Hypnotize middle aged fan boys and girls! 1001 uses!

LOBOVISION GLASSES can be worn on face or to be even more geeky–leave in the package and display! What better way is there to enjoy the free movies on http://www.lobovision.tv guilt free and to show support for Cinema Insomnia, Mr. Lobo, and Misunderstood Movies?


Fan Club


Hundreds and hundreds of the original SLEEPLESS KNIGHTS OF INSOMNIA are out there. It was so secret that new members didn’t really know what to do once they were in the club–but the all the stuff you got was super neat-o. You remember the ads in the back monster magazines and in the packaging of our early videos. Well, the original items were running out, the original art had disappeared in time, and there was a desire to make the club better. And so, Mr. Lobo, in his wisdom, abolished the old club in favor of a new one andfinally–it is here!

Please contact Mr. Lobo via email with any concerns, suggestions, or nominations for regional representatives…or if you would like to join as an official fan of Cinema Insomnia!

TheNEW 10 Year Anniversary Fan Club Kit!

Lifetime Membership includes:

NEW PLASTIC Decoder Member Card to carry with you always. Signed and numbered on the front by Mr. Lobo and the entire “Alpha-Numeric” Secret Code on Back. beautifully decorated with Lovecraftian pulp art and bearing our 10 year seal. We listened–this one fits in your wallet and you wont need scotch tape to hold it together in a few years!

NEW–the world’s fanciest and most detailed Certificate of Membership. Three full days of cryptic doodling by Mr. and Mrs. Lobo–weaving dozens and dozens of hidden elements for you to find. Printed on expensive parchment paper! Posthumous signature by Cinema Insomnia Senior Consultant Bob Wilkins and freshly numbered and signed by his disciple Mr. Lobo, legally canonized Saint of Insomniacs and Horror Hosts-Church of Ed Wood.

NEW Larger “Cinema Insomnia Fan Club” Pin-back Button by Button-Lab. Fashioned out of metal with an transparent acetate coating and featuring a never before published multicolored picture of Mr. Lobo. 2.25 inch design inspired by Monster Magazine fan club badges of yesteryear.

NEW randomly selected Signed Large 8X10 Photo valued at $10 to $20 at conventions. Just like the 8X10 photo in the picture above or similar. Are you feeling lucky?

CLASSIC Signed 4X6 Black and White Photo of Mr. Lobo,This is the very same photo offered to insomniacs from day one of the fan club.

AND you still get the FREE plastic November Fire Decoder ring and bunch of other random surprise goodies not pictured here while supplies last.

Best of all you will be an official CINSOMNIAC…or a SLEEPLESS KNIGHT OF INSOMNIA. This is more than a fan club reboot. We want to reach out and unite all of the many fans who have supported Mr. Lobo and Cinema Insomnia. We want to show our appreciation and help CInsomniacs network, share, and enjoy misunderstood movies together. We will make the world safe for our kind!

Discounts on selected merchandise and film events.

MEMBER ONLY Updates from Mr. Lobo.

Access to the secret SLEEPLESS KNIGHTS screening group on LOBOVISION.TV

And there will even be MEMBERS ONLY episodes of CINEMA INSOMNIA produced.

Also, Cinema Insomnia Fan Only Events and activities, parties and Regional Officers Elected!

22.50 (Plus $2.50)

Contact Mr. Lobo with any concerns [email protected]1-317-4-LOBOTVSLEEPLESS KNIGHTS ASSEMBLE!
If you’re one of the hundreds of old CI Club Knights out there–we want you to come forward…even if you don’t want to buy the new kit! Original Lifetime Members can get a FREE CERTIFICATE AND CARD ONLY with a new valid ID number. There are a few ways to do this: Just mail us self addressed 9X12 envelope with postage paid along with a copy or scan of your original card and certificate…Or email us a scan of your old card and certificate and Paypal us $2.50 postage and handling. [email protected]If you DO want the new kit we’ll take $10 off the pricebasically paying you back for the $9.99 you paid for the lifetime membership that was included with the 2003 kit. Decoder Ring is not included in this deal as quantities are scarce and we already gave you one with the original kit. (Rings can be purchased individually by Knights who upgrade for $4 each.)


If you’re one of the hundreds CInsomniac Knights already out there and you wish to reboot or upgrade your lifetime membership kit contact [email protected]

Good times are ahead if you are a SLEEPLESS KNIGHT OF INSOMNIA! Don’t miss out on a single nugget of joy. Get your fan club kit now! Thanks for being the best fans on the planet!



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  1. Very groovy array of merchandise. Not drab trash destined for a shoebox under the bed…NO! Mr. LOBO is the ICON for our time…”.He is a host of Horror. Honor him…”

  2. I’ve loaded your blog in 3 completely different web browsers and I must say this blog loads a lot quicker then most.

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