Silliness on a Saturday is a Very Important Thing – Mr. Lobo promotes BLOBFEST at the Dogwood Parade!

Blobfloat5Some pictures from today in Phoenixville. Your emcee for July’s Blobfest getting the word out that THE BLOB IS COMING July 11th, 12th, and 13th! We had a float full of Karate class kids, we threw candy to the crowd, danced with strangers in the street, and Dr. Frank N. Stone and Larry The Greaser blasted fire extinguishers to keep the red menace in line! What great fun…a real slice of American Apple Pie to go with the gooey ooze of THE BLOB! Two great traditions that taste great together! What a wonderful town full of wonderful folks…Mr. Lobo and Dixie had a fantastic day at the parade and festival!

IMG_4637 Blobfloat1BlobFloat3 BlobFloat4 Blobfloat2b


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