Spooky Doll Contest? Contest? Yes, Contest!!!

MidnightFrightsLightThis Month’s Theme is all about Spooky Dolls! Big Dolls, Little Dolls, Dolls that frighten the pants off of you! Ok, we’ll leave you to put your pants back on now. You good? Good! Get ready for this months SPOOKY DOLL FAMILY CONTEST! You heard that right, Contest!

What do you have to do? Take a picture of you or your family with a creepy doll of your own personal collection or of the creepiest doll you’ve ever seen. It MUST NOT be from the Internet but be created or taken by you or a family member. You can send them in by posting them on our Facebook page wall, Direct Message them to our Instagram Page, Reply to this article with the picture, or Tweet us the picture! You may also send in as many pictures as you want. The winner shall receive this Handcrafted MR. LOBO Baby Doll created by the lovely ladies of Wicked Little Nursery!

10986901_762454510534500_6551333240848879688_nThe Deadline to send in your pictures is March 31st. The Winner shall be announced on April 4th! If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

Dust off that creepy doll, smile for the camera, and say, “Cheese!” May the best CInsomniac or Sleepless Knight…..WIN!

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