11745438_10200697344752926_2360284545376513509_nThis past weekend, MRS. LOBO dawned her MISS BLOB sash and MR. LOBO had the honor of hosting the annual terror of THE BLOB during BLOBFEST at the Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville, PA! The Blob held back during the day outside the theatre where attendees enjoyed a fire extinguisher parade, costume contest, and all things BLOB! Later, they could view the screenings of THE BLOB(1955), THE CREATURE OF THE BLACK LAGOON 3-D(1954), and ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN(1948). On Sunday, they rounded up the festivities with a screening of THE GHASTLY LOVE OF JOHNNY X(2012) followed by a Q&A with the director PAUL BUNNELL. 

If you have pictures from this past weekend, send them in and we’ll share them on our pages!

Photo courtesy of Freddie Bagnato

If you missed the festivities, here are some footage from the momentous event!

For a Behind-the-Scenes and Front of Scenes look, Here’s a video from CinemaSickness:


A side view of the famous Run Out by Ashley Fair:

Opening to Day 2 Footage of MR. LOBO! Footage by kupo:


Paul Bunnell’s Q&A footage by Cinema Sickness:


What was YOUR favorite moment at BLOBFEST 2015?

We’ve Prepped the Cinema Insomnia Canvas for This Fan of the Week!

10815853_10152413067037187_2084288932_nSIR STEVEN COURSE first viewed our beloved host on the former MONSTER CHANNEL formerly online. The thing that drew him to the show; however, was actually not a usual story. In fact, the unique piece to the show that truly hooked him to CINEMA INSOMNIA was….THE HYPNOTIC EYE! The moment he saw it, he fell under the entrancing spell and has tuned into the show ever since. Also a few years ago, he attended the annual BLOBFEST held in Phoenixville, Pennsylvannia where he got to meet MR. LOBO.



As a child, Steven was allowed to stay up for CREATURE FEATURES which could be viewed in his hometown of Cambridge, England where him and his family lived. during that time. He still enjoys tuning into misunderstood films along with lower budget genre films which made him who he is today. He demonstrates his love for these films as well as CINEMA INSOMNIA and MR. LOBO through his art.

Each piece he creates is unique and from his heart as we can see in the art pieces of SLITHER(2006) and THE DEADLY MANTIS(1957) and MR. LOBO, of course.

10811723_10152413067257187_1093353977_n10819036_10152413067282187_296671342_nA composer of electronic music, Steven is working on sound-scapes for a very surreal and artistic spoken word project with MR. LOBO called HYPNOSIS FOR HIPSTERS–that is due out early next year..

Thank you, STEVEN COURSE, valued Sleepless Knight, for ALL of your support, for your incredible art pieces, and for watching all those Misunderstood Movies! Here is your FAN OF THE WEEK certificate that you can download and print. Congratulations, STEVEN COURSE –THE SLEEPLESS KNIGHT OF THE WEEK–for December 5th through the December 11th!

FanoftheWeekmasterYou now stand alongside your “FAN OF THE WEEK” siblings and like them, you are eligible to become the FAN OF THE YEAR and receive prize package that will include a framed certificate, official Lobo Necktie, Lobo Badge and other goodies to be announced in December! 10822263_10152413067312187_1546981886_n