Fantastic news, CInsomniacs! OSI74 has brought you a double dose of LOBO, a double dose of MISS MITTENS, and a double dose of all the goodies only CINEMA INSOMNIA can provide! First up on the menu, it’s a OSI74 TRASH NIGHT expose on TROMA STUDIOS hosted by our very own MR. LOBO and produced by BESTOW TV makers of the web series CREATIVE CONTINUITY. We join MR. LOBO and company as they go into the Bowels of the Best of the Worst B-Movies in all of Outer SpaceĀ as well as capture a behind-the-scenes look on all things TROMA!



Next, we to 2002 for a CINEMA INSOMNIA classic restored and formatted for OSI by AARON M LANE, GIGANTIS THE FIRE MONSTER!


Pop some popcorn, Gather the family, and Ready for the ride of your life!

~CayCI – Your Cinema Insomnia Intern