Baby Lobo and Mitch Mittens Review “PUPPET MASTER VS. DEMONIC TOYS (2004)”

Misunderstood ReviewsDear Fair and Noble Sleepless Knights, CInsomniacs, and Misunderstood Movie Lovers from near and far! Mitch Mittens here! I apologize for not showing my leaves since January. It’s been quite busy over here behind the green curtain. I seemed to be growing quite bald over the winter and had to receive an immediate leaf transplant. Don’t laugh, it runs in the family-just ask Miss Mittens. Ok, no don’t ask her, she’ll probably tell Grandfather Mittens and he’ll show up in his wheelbarrow and award winning garden trowel. No matter, I am now 100% recovered and ready!

Today I am joined by one of the most misunderstood Babies of all time…..Baby Lobo! He is joining me this month for his ONE and ONLY MISUNDERSTOOD REVIEW! Next month he shall be sent to his new home to a special Sleepless Knight or CInsomniac to love, to hold, and to enjoy all the misunderstood movies this world has to offer!

220px-PuppetmasterdtSince this month is “CREEPY BABY MONTH,” Baby Lobo and I agreed to view and review the battle between two of FULL MOON ENTERTAINMENT famous horror monsters of all time: the DEMONIC TOYS and THE PUPPET MASTER puppets in PUPPET MASTER VS. DEMONIC TOYS(2004)! Baby Lobo filled up on milk and applesauce while I popped some plant food-flavored popcorn. Something told me this movie would be GREATLY misunderstood. Baby Lobo took the lead with the Insomniac Oath then we pressed play.

Take a peak at the Trailer first before reading on:

Now right as soon as the movie began, I noticed two things. One, there is no sign of “Full Moon Entertainment presents” and instead it’s the SyFy channel instead which means this is truly a misunderstood movie. The SyFy channel is responsible for MANY misunderstood films and sequels to some of our beloved horror classics including the last two THE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD series additions along with this film. Next up was the drastic form change in the DEMONIC TOYS designs compared to the original FULL MOON films. Observe:

DEMONIC TOYS (1992):           Demonic_toy3sPUPPET MASTER VS. DEMONIC TOYS (2004):

Demonic_Toysvlcsnap-2012-03-05-16h38m41s147 HUGE difference! And if you are a die hard PUPPET MASTER fan and haven’t seen this movie-you might want to shield your eyes on what they do to Toulon’s puppets.

The film starts off with a Christmas toy commercial of children opening up their presents, revealing the new editions of the DEMONIC TOY dolls. The camera pans out to show a some-what rough looking Corey Feldman, grumbling about the commercial while he works on Toulon’s puppets. Feldman plays the role of Robert Toulon, the great-grandnephew of Andre Toulon. His character also has a teenage daughter who looks old enough to be his sister instead of his daughter. Now, they both discovered the secret formula to bring the puppets back to life. Word of warning: When your shop gets attacked by evil henchmen, never keep your overly large syringes out in plain sight when an unprofessional cop enters arrives on the scene. Bad acting and awkward glances shall arise…..really bad acting.

414+wj0vUpLOn the DEMONIC TOYS side, we meet Vanessa Angel’s character. A spoiled rich woman who inherited her families’ toy company following her father’s death. Her father had made a deal with the demon of wealth “Bael” in order to for his greedy daughter to have control over the Demonic Toys. Downside, the toys are not so obedient anymore. After finding out about the Toulon formula, she seeks to steal if from her former employee, Robert Toulon, and formulate her own evil scheme.

The rest of the film is made up of overly exaggerated lines and scary acting from the main characters (thank you Feldman), enough botox to make the story line float away into the abyss (the lips!), an evil plan to have monstrous toys wake up on Christmas morning to wreak havoc upon the innocent, and an unforgettable battle between puppets and toys. In the end, Baby Lobo and I agreed to give this film a 7 1/2 out of 10 Hypnotic Eyes.

Have any more Cinsomniacs or Sleepless Knights tuned into this film? If so, what are your thoughts on it? Do you agree with the rating? Leave your comments or private message and let us know! If you have a suggestion of another film for MITCH MITTENS to review, leave it in the comments. Thank you for “tuning in” and come back for more MISUNDERSTOOD REVIEWS!



10941464_896492990394758_7031554356452354658_n Hello CInsomniacs and Sleepless Knights! How has your winter been? How many of you can’t wait for Summer raise your hands or leaves? Have you enjoyed this months theme so far? There are numberless things we must catch up on!

MISS MITTENS and I had a great holiday. I was excited to see her on Christmas along with the rest of the Mittens family huddled around in our baskets. We enjoyed Christmas Night with hot cocoa plant food flavored water and MV5BMTQxMDU3MjM0N15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNTMzNTQ1MjE@._V1_SX214_AL_gathered to talk about how the family has been….or not been. When MISS MITTENS told me this week’s theme, she unveiled her Christmas present to me for the occasion: REVENGE OF THE CREATURE (1955)!

Today I decided to watch it for the very first time. Calm down! Calm down! No need to screech at me, Tiny Seedlings. No need to yell, CInsomniacs! It was an honor to watch it for the very first time today. I have been a big fan of THE GILLMAN. It is not everyday horror fans speak about this creature. He is the only one of his kind and only wants to be adored and accepted by society.

imagesNow, I always thought THE GILLMAN had perished in the first film CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON. To my surprise, he had not died in the depths of the deep sea beyond. A couple of scientists go into the “Black Lagoon” to retrieve the creature to be studied under the close eye of animal psychologist Professor Clete Ferguson. Upon the capture of THE GILLMAN, it ignites a cluster of reporters and media attention spanning all across the world.

In one particular scene, we meet a future familiar face to westerns and epic cinema characters. Ladies and gentleman, CLINT EASTWOOD as Jennings, the forgetful lab assistant. To be honest, his acting is greatly lacking compared to his future films DIRTY HARRY (1971) and ESCAPE FROM ALCATRAZ (1979). What do you think about his performance? revenge-of-the-creature-clint-eastwood

revengeofthecreaturenew2The Creature is then placed in an oceanarium or in modern day terms a 50’s version of Sea World where he is studied and oogled by thousands of onlookers who have come to see him as a tourist attraction piece. We are joined by the beautiful ichthyology student Helen Dobson who wants to study the creature herself. Through the many experiments, THE GILLMAN slowly begins to become intrigued by her.

Of course it is not long till Professor Ferguson and Helen begin to fall in love with one another, igniting The GILLMAN’S fury leading to his breaking out of the tank and attacking innocent bystanders attending the show.

Revenge-of-the-Creature-monster-movies-37195278-260-194He then sneaks into Helen’s dressing room later that night and carries her off to the Lagoon, sending Professor on a huge hunt along with other men to track down the creature. They find them and shoot the creature and the credits roll after the creature swims away to search for love another day.

This sequel was not as impactful as the first film. Much like the cliche that sequels are not as good as the original–this one is true. It is misunderstood in ways of THE GILLMAN’S search but the it is bridging on the bad category. I give his film 5 1/2 out of 10 HYPNOTIC EYES!

Have any more Cinsomniacs or Sleepless Knights tuned into this film? If so, what are your thoughts on it? Do you agree with the rating? Would you like Mitch Mittens to do another review? Leave your comments or private message and let us know! If you have a suggestion of another film for MITCH MITTENS to review, leave it in the comments. Thank you for “tuning in” and come back for more MITCH MITTENS REVIEWS!