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Thanks CInsomniacs! Our Brand New USTREAM has Already Served Over 300 Misunderstood Movies! Follow us!

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OK! We know some of you Sleepless Knights have been missing CINEMA INSOMNIA. Mister Lobo knows many of you desire more episodes than what is currently on tap at ZOM-BEE TV right now. We are still working hard behind the scenes. We are editing 10 brand new episodes that we recently shot at ZOM-BEE studios for you. They WILL be rolling out in the future…but for now we hope you enjoy and take advantage of this archive on ustream of classic shows whenever and wherever you want! Thanks to Olav Phillips and TeslaWolf Media! There will be updates and possibly even LIVE streams from Mr. Lobo. Thank you as always for being true blue and spreading the word! Keep your bloodshot eyes peeled, CInsomniacs! All Systems Go!



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  • September 8, 2014 at 2:26 PM
    Prince Everlove

    Cinema Insomnia continues true to it’s motto: “They’re not BAD Movies~just misunderstood” Better than that, the writing, sketches and various commercial break inserts still bring a nostalgic sparkle to the eyes. CI is very much alone now in the Horror Hosted Genre, not that we are complaining! Mr.Lobo and Staff took the torch handed to them by Creature Features and have lived up to our expectations. No~make that beyond our wildest dreams.


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