Thanks ROKU users–CINEMA INSOMNIA HAUNTED HOUSE SPECIAL is the most watched video on ZOM-BEE TV since Halloween!


In this TV special for ZOM-BEE TV on ROKU written by Mr. Lobo, a group of “paranoid investigators” called THE TOTALLY FAKE GHOST-BUSTERS– who had their own kids show in the 80′s–return to the one house that they could not prove was haunted by a fake ghost in a rubber mask.

The “live action” version of the team was played by Dick Dyzel, Jerry Moore II, John Dimes and Rich Koz–better known as their TV horror host personae.

Their adventure shot in a real haunted house was inter-cut with trailers and clips from haunted house films a cartoon and vintage commercials!
It was our  most ambiguous show and got HUGE numbers.  It’s inspired the whole team to try even bolder projects for the new year! We’d like to take a moment to personally thank the many thousands of you who tuned in! THANK YOU!

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