The End of THE CREST As We Know It?

In the face of an impossible rent increase, CSLM, the operators of the iconic picture palace on K st. in Sacramento, is ending it’s 28 year reign on October 31st 2014 and the future of the theater beyond that is uncertain. THE CREST was a place for Great live shows, wonderful movies, and special events and has “created cherished memories and captured the imagination of all who experienced them. ” Mr. Lobo is saddened by this and feels bad for everyone involved. The potential loss to the community is mind blowing.

One could only hope for a outcome like one near my current home in Pennsylvania. After a similar crisis in Phoenixville, with the COLONIAL THEATER, famous from the movie THE BLOB, the community came together in 1999 and now owns the theater as a n entity called the Association for the Colonial Theatre (ACT), committed to the full restoration of the Colonial as a cultural arts center.

Artists, Musicians, Performers, Patrons of the Arts, Weirdos…were all drawn to THE CREST for what it was. That place gave each us something that we carry inside us for the rest of our lives and it seeps into everything we do. My first job was as an usher there and film historian and reviewer Matias Bombal was then the manager.

He has an article about the whole affair. It is very well done, well researched, and important  article…emotionally moving as well.

There is a farewell party on Friday at THE CREST THEATRE in Sacramento.

I will be sending my love to all who attend from 3,000 miles away. Know that a piece of THE CREST is lodged in my heart wherever I go and Whatever I do…

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  1. This is truly a horrible, horrible situation for all of us that work closely with the Crest and it’s management. Many of our film festivals, including our own-the Trash Film Orgy, are being displaced by this terrible power-grab and it is a sad, sad day for our arts community in Sacramento. But we have one last TFO show and many, many fond memories, including Mr. Lobo being part of many TFO shows in the past. Thanks for sharing…we’re happy to have had you and are happy you have a theatre to call home in your new Lobo-Land. 🙂

  2. You see? It’s about LOVE for these wonderful Films~not money! That place brings thousands innocent fun of a bygone era! Business should never interfere with cherished movies. Perhaps that’s it…they’re outdated to some. Big woop. WE LOVE THEM. I wish them the best!

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