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The Zombie Party Continues on Throwback Cinema Insomnia Thursday!


Thank you, Criswell! Now the party will continue with this week’s episode. This week, pop your popcorn, turn down the lights, and get ready for MR. LOBO’S NON STOP MOVIE PARTY ZOMBIES!

Enjoy this THROWBACK CINEMA INSOMNIA EPISODE online today! Tweet, Tumble, and Share this free episode with all of your friends and family and remember, “They are NOT BAD MOVIES-Just Misunderstood!” Join us next Thursday for another free episode online…and if you want more CINEMA INSOMNIA and Mr. Lobo check out the free ZOM-BEE TV channel for ROKU video players or purchase your own Zom-Bee TV app and take and watch Cinema Insomnia anywhere at any time! Also check out and follow us on our Cinema Insomnia Ustream page and enjoy even more CINEMA INSOMNIA fun!



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