This “Cinema Insomnia Theme of the Week” pays homage to the “Hellcat” Era

As many of you know, misunderstood horror movies have not taken place in one specific time or “era” but throughout the years. One era in particular that we’ll be focusing on is call the “Hellcat era.” This era sparked many films that seemed horrifying at the time for families of all ages.


indexThey warned teenagers and adults alike the consequences of toying with science, looking twice at your neighbors, or wondering if any of these terrifying monstrosities would take place in your town. Today we look at them and wonder how in the world were we able to sit and watch these but still sit in awe of the creepy “eye-widening” stories they weave to the masses.

 imagesThis week we need your help, CInsomniacs! You are the ones who keep Mr. Lobo going as well as the rest of the Cinema Insomnia family. We challenge you to represent the theme of the week! How can you do that? Well, there are many ways. Which one of the “Hellcat Era” films are your favorite? Which one is your own favorite “misunderstood” movie? Was it The Fly? The Blob? Tell us and show us!

Some of you who enjoy dressing up, put on your costumes and post pictures representing the theme and you will see your picture on our pages! If any of you have vintage posters or toys from the era share those as well! If you know or find pictures and video clips matching the theme you, post them or your personal pictureson our Facebook pages, Tumblr, Twitter, or Instagram with #CIThemeoftheweek!

If you “survived” and represented the Theme of the Week, you can purchase the “Home School Hellcats” print off of the Horror Host Magazine Etsy page to add to your collection to show everyone you participated this week!

So gather around, Sleepless Knights, and show us what you’ve got, Daddy-o and Hellcats!


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