This FAN OF THE WEEK Loved The Show So Much She Married The Host!

Loboart1LADY SLEEPLESS KNIGHT and CINEMA INSOMNIA’s winner of the “Who Wants To Marry Mr. Lobo” contest, DIXIE DELLAMORTO made a splash as THE NEW MRS. LOBO back 2012!

This seems hardly fair and perhaps a bit pathetic to have MR. LOBO’s wife as fan of the week but YOU the SLEEPLESS KNIGHTS OF INSOMNIA asked for it with more than a dozen nominations this week! 

Dixie was born June 4th 1987 in Westchester, PA. Her mother is an artist and Leather-crafter and her father is a sheet metal worker and musician. 

At a young age Dixie was an skilled artist. She often butt heads with instructors in school and therefore is mostly self-taught. However, she did study Animation at the Art Institute of Philadelphia.

Multi-talented and multi-disciplined, she crafted award winning fantasy costumes and made paintings for publications, art shows, DVD covers, posters, films, TV shows, and promotions. Her work is informed by her love of B-Movies, Horror, Retro Pop Culture, and Kitsch.



This led to a love of TV Horror Hosts. The NY based show ‘Ghoul A Go-Go’ was a subject of her paintings and she became close with the cast. Her genre inspired art also attracted the attention of the California based Nationally Syndicated Horror Host Mr. Lobo who became a fan of her work. Mr. Lobo encouraged Dixie’s artistic ambitions and the two became fast long distance friends. She, of course, was familiar with MR. LOBO from her collection of DVDs. Dixie’s favorite CINEMA INSOMNIA episodes were CREATURE, LAST MAN ON EARTH, and PRINCE OF SPACE. Dixie and her roommate in PA would imitate the Phantom of Krankor’s laugh from CANDLES, KRANKOR, and YOU.


MrsLoboDixie also threw up a sheet in her home and had screenings of shows and MR. LOBO’s NONSTOP MOVIE PARTY: ZOMBIES DVD. She also attended a CINEMATIC TITANIC show dressed as MR. LOBO.

Mr. Lobo visited Dixie on the east coast and their artistic as well as personal collaborations intensified.   

Dixie moved to California in 2010 and was co-producer, editor, and stage director for a live ‘Cinema Insomnia’ show at the guild Theater in Sacramento. She ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund a 10th TV season and designed many products and DVDs for the show.



Experienced as a Horror fan, an Artist, Designer, Taste-Maker, and editor of  Horror Hosts and Creature Features Magazine, her duties on the show began with rotating the Hypno-Spinner, delivering secret messages to Mr. Lobo, keeping Mr. Lobo’s table cloth straight at conventions, watching very MISUNDERSTOOD MOVIES, adding a “womans touch” to Mr. Lobo’s projects, ironing neckties, and helping in the Kitchen Set with Insomniac Snacks–but has now expanded to include co-hosting, producing, directing, and creating stand out charaRobot_400wcters like RO-MANA for “War of the Planets”, KOGARELLA for the “Haunted House Special”, and MUMSY for “Hard Days Nightmare”. She has already officially tied the knot with the famous Cinema Insomnia’s host on January 13th, 2012 but the dynamic duo celebrate their semi-anniversary EVERY Friday the 13th no matter what to keep things fresh and exciting. Dixie was instantly loved by nearly all CInsomniacs except for a few jealous houseplants that we wont mention! 

Her online version of the print magazine HORROR HOSTS AND CREATURE FEATURES features her painting, design work, writing, and in-depth interviews with B-Heroes like Karen Lewis, widow of Al “Grandpa” Lewis.


She continues to sell her artwork and does commissions in between working on TV shows, films, and live appearances with Mr. Lobo. She designed ads and posters for Blobfest in Phoenixville, The Sacramento Horror Film Fest, and many other film events. She worked in Low Budget Horror films like A HARD DAYS NIGHTMARE(2013), PLAN 9(2015) and the MIDNIGHT SHOW(2016) segment GORE-ILLA as both a make-up/costumer and bit player. MR. LOBO and DIXIE have started a new production collective and channel called OSI-Logo-NewOUTER SPACE INTERNATIONAL that will be launching in October 30th 2015. These two work together like few couples can and have a shared passion for the bizarre and the beyondo. This channel will be the new home of our beloved late night show CINEMA INSOMNIA as well as many other projects produced by the Lobos and their associates–proving that Mr. Lobo’s wife is an achiever as well as a trophy. When Dixie Dellamorto was asked about her recent AWARD as FAN OF THE WEEK, she was overwhelmed and said…

 “I have No Comment at this time.”  


All hail the First Lady of Kitsch! Congratulations, DIXIE DELLAMORTO LOBO –THE SLEEPLESS KNIGHT OF THE WEEK–for April 24th through the 30th! Thanks for propping up our CINEMA INSOMNIA host MR. LOBO with toothpicks and scotch tape and for all the other wonderful things you do in the name of MISUNDERSTOOD MOVIES!

11166070_10206962324001724_1937961925_nYou now stand alongside your “FAN OF THE WEEK” siblings and unlike them, you are not eligible to become the FAN OF THE YEAR or receive the prize package that will include a framed certificate, official Lobo Necktie, Lobo Badge and other goodies because you are already FAN OF THE LIFETIME!

Knights, welcome DIXIE to the elite inner circle of SUPREME SLEEPLESS KNIGHTS. If you or someone you know deserves this honor send your fan story and pictures to


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