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10508510_784710758239649_753016994_nProlific San Francisco Artist/illustrator RICK LUCY is as dedicated to the cause as he is talented and that is monumental! Rick or “DRAWRICK” has been watching CINEMA 10379423_784710751572983_2104759246_nINSOMNIA WITH MR. LOBO since 2005 and our glory days on KTEH PBS San Jose, Oakland, San Francisco. We first bumped into him-or vice versa-at WONDERCON at San Francisco’s Moscone Center where he presented MR. LOBO with an original portrait with MISS MITTENS stalked by a Werewolf!

  While discussing movies, taking pictures, and giving pictures, Rick was always a treat to have around. He also would bring one of his many sketchbooks to shows--overflowing with imaginative worlds of high-weirdness inspired by classic comics, pulp novels, and, of course, misunderstood movies–and fun for Mr. Lobo to browse. Having grown up on CREATURE FEATURES with BOB WILKINS and JOHN STANLEY, Rick naturally has been inspired by late night horror and sci-fi hi-jinx and became a fixture at some of our live shows. He was present at our LIVE CINEMA INSOMNIA: UNDERTAKER AND HIS PALS show at MOVIES ON A BIG SCREEN, GUILD THEATER in Sacramento.10439696_784710748239650_1000548617_n







At one show in particular, Rick tranformed himself into a human art project when he became a MR. LOBO-LOOK-A-LIKE for our LOBOTRONIC FILM SHOW at the BAL THEATER in San Leandro. Not only did Rick confuse the Hell out of MR. LOBO and HIS WIFE, but he also won first place and went home with our cash prize of Two Dollars and Seventeen Cents!10514996_784710738239651_578690279_n10487858_784710744906317_354008421_n

Always a go-giver as well as a go-getter–Rick presented MR. LOBO with another wonderful “Drawrick drawing”. This time it is a futuristic and terrifying CYBORG MR. LOBO with MISS MITTENS!

At our LAST SHOW at THE CREST THEATER in California, we presented two behind the scenes documentaries, BEAST WISHES and MEN IN SUITS. It was at that show where Rick presented DIXIE DELLAMORTO LOBO and MR. LOBO with a lovely going-away present. We are honored again with his galactic generosity!10508417_784710761572982_346188466_nA painting of THE LOBOS and MISS MITTENS in spacesuits on a journey into the unknown. 10488928_784710754906316_156038938_n

THANK YOU, RICK LUCY aka DRAWRICK, valued Sleepless Knight of Insomnia, for all your generous support and watching all those Misunderstood Movies! Please Send Along Your Address! Mr. Lobo will be sending you an autographed “fan of the week” award-THE SLEEPLESS KNIGHT OF THE WEEK-for June 27th-July 3rd!10487115_784710741572984_2079515831_n


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  • July 3, 2014 at 4:33 PM
    Prince Everlove

    Great Artwork. Always great to come by and read what’s new!


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