This Month, We are Being Invaded…..BY GIANT MONSTERS!

11146560_799768453469772_7315977904593013560_nYou heard right, CInsomniacs and Sleepless Knights! GIANT MONSTERS are coming to town with GODZILLA leading the way! All this month, we will fill up your news feeds with all the GODZILLA you can stand with other gigantic Japanese and American monster friends mixed in between. There may even be a LIVE CHAT WITH MR. LOBO this month featuring the episode GAMERA THE FIRE MONSTERgodzilla_vs_gigan_72(1965)!

Do you believe GIANT MONSTERS are misunderstood? Which Giant Monster is in your the most misunderstood? Let us know in the comments on this site or our pages! Show us by sharing and sending us clips of your favorite Giant monster or even your toy, video, with why you think they are misunderstood and we will share your treasures.

If you would like to do any theme related art, post it on our wall or send it to us and it will be shared on our pages. There are so many ways to get involved, join us! You may also take a step further and post your favorite scene, clip, picture or poster of your favorite GIANT MONSTER FEATURE on your Twitter or Instagram pages with #CIGIANTMONSTERMONTH and tag or direct send it to Cinema Insomnia and we will favorite and Retweet/Share your findings.

Batten down the hatches! HERE COME THE GIANT MONSTERS!

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