This Month’s Theme……FAN’S CHOICE!

960292_780161802097104_82980786270136221_nYou heard that right, CInsomniacs and Sleepless Knights! It’s Up to YOU to pick this month’s theme! It can range from a variety of misunderstood topics: misunderstood monsters, misunderstood films, etc. The Winning theme choice will be released this WEDNESDAY along with the name of the WINNER of the Baby Lobo baby doll made by Wicked Little Nursery.

So what do you say, Cinsomniacs and Sleepless Knights? What should Cinema Insomnia’s APRIL THEME OF THE MONTH be? Leave your suggestions in the comments or private message us your ideas. You can also post a pictures of your ideas as well. What shall this THEME OF THE MONTH shall be? SEND IN YOUR SUGGESTIONS!

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