356fd097a2aeaee0e476745720944a6aIn two days, the countdown begins for HALLOWEEN! Despite it being two days early, here MR. LOBO and the Cinema Insomnia family are bringing the countdown to you early. What are you and your family and friends planning to dress up as this year for this occasion? Do you have any traditions you do every year? What is your favorite film or series you like to watch during the season? Let us know in the comments or private message or post pictures on our pages!88a0e433a2dde922b92cda42789c9fe8

Show your HALLOWEEN love by posting about what you think are the most “misunderstood” HALLOWEEN film or series. Post your favorite scenes in the comment section or private message and you may see your favorite scene shared on our pages and receive credit. You may also take a step further and post your favorite scene, clip, picture or poster of your favorite HALLOWEEN feature on your Twitter or Instagram pages with #CIHalloween and we will favorite and Retweet/Share your findings!


2 Replies to “This Week Kicks off our HALLOWEEN THEME OF THE MONTH!”

  1. Me am enjoying this site. Wakey Wakey Cinema Insomnia, Eggs, and Bakey!
    Please stay us informed. Thank you for makeing the world safe for insomniacs.

  2. As Tradition goes, we have to have tbe Trilogy of Horror Classics: NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, CARNIVAL OF SOULS, AND HOUSE ON HAUNRED HILL! We have fhem all remastered and in color as well! Of course, the Universal Classics are a must too! This year, such B Classics as NIGHT TIDE and NIGHT CALLER FROM OUTER SPACE join as New Horror additions I found on Amazon. Finally, another set of Cinema Insomnia~especially GAMERA and SUPERARGO! Thd Phantom is my Alter Ego cosplay of choice, and my Girl is his Love Interest Christine in Victorian Dress. The Fall is here and the Monsters are coming! Along with the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! Many Happy Hauntings to All!!!

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