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This Week’s Knight–Is a Prince! Mr. Lobo’s Loyal Subject, David Calvin!


IMG_20130523_235943A Mild Mannered Customer Service Consultant by day and Sleepless Knight Of Insomnia in the evenings!  DAVID CALVIN AKA PRINCE EVERLOVE, although he lives deep in the heart of Texas,is proud to tell us that English blood courses through his blue veins. The Prince discovered CINEMA INSOMNIA in the Summer 2011, He was loFave image of the lobosoking for some retro horror, hoping to find T.V. Hosts of the Golden Years on YOUTUBE. 

And there my eyes came across Mr.Lobo and Cinema Insomnia. I was mesmerized, feeling like I was 12 again and hooked. Mr.Lobo is watched weekly in the Retro Palace and my Princess Warrior (Maria) supports the Cinema Insomnia addiction~and adores Mrs.Lobo as a role model! It’s really great to relive B Movie Madness and Monster Memories. Mr. Lobo proves that...perhaps you can come home again.”

The official CINEMA INSOMNIA channel was removed from YOUTUBE due to unfounded third party copyright claims–David was extremely vocal with his disappointment in losing his new favorite show, resulting in Mr. Lobo reaching out to make sure he knew that there were other outlets.  DAVID now watches old episodes on LOBOVISION. He also has collected many episodes from when the shows were available on out-of-print APPREHENSIVE FILMS DVDs and has just ordered the CINEMA INSOMNIA HAUNTED HOUSE SPECIAL–Our first Official New DVD in 4 years.DCClone

Prince Everlove is notorious around LOBO HQ for leaving hilarious and creative phone messages…although our VOICE-MAIL number has recently been on the fritz. The Prince has never met Mr. Lobo in person but he has his own special events at his home paralleling Mr. Lobo’s live shows on the road.  His faves to watch are GREEN SLIME(1968) and the ABOMINABLE DR. PHIBES(1971)!

Thank You, PRINCE EVERLOVE, Favorite Movievalued Sleepless Knight, for ALL of your support and for watching all those Misunderstood Movies! Here is your FAN OF THE WEEK certificate that you can download and print. Congratulations, DAVID CALVIN –THE SLEEPLESS KNIGHT OF THE WEEK–for August 20th through the 27th!

You now stand alongside your “FAN OF THE WEEK” siblings and like them, you are eligible to become the FAN OF THE YEAR and receive prize package that will include a framed certificate, official Lobo Necktie, Lobo Badge and other goodies to be announced later this year!



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