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Time is Running Out! Help a Friend and Horror Host in Trouble!


 We had posted before about an old collaborator and friend who had run into a string of bad luck–Josh Hadley who has done much to spread the word about CINEMA INSOMNIA and MR. LOBO in Wisconsin.  Mr. Lobo appeared on a few Halloween Specials produced by Mr. Hadley.  When we heard about his fundraiser we wanted to help…Josh sent us this piece that we posted here on the website before that strives explain his ongoing association with Mr. Lobo and his current struggle. Please read it and if you are inclined–help out with a few bucks. BUT HURRY–HIS POWER GETS SHUT OFF ON MONDAY!

“I first encountered Mr. Lobo back in… god it must be 05 or 06 maybe… and I thought he was smart and funny and someone I should work with. I was attempting to start up my own show when this happened and I used Mr. Lobo as inspiration. At the time I was working at a small TV station and I eventually conned them into letting me host a movie on Halloween night (Night Of The Living Dead)… and it did NOT go well… at all*. The following year I was still running the long con and got them let me host The Howling on the station but by this time Mr. Lobo and I had been talking on the phone and he proved to have been MORE than an inspiration he was actually helping me at this point. This Halloween Special is still pretty embarrassing to me (Mr. Lobo is good in it though) as I was unsure of how I wanted to set a tone and I still sucked at line delivery. Another year passed and Mr. Lobo and I had continued to talk and work on some things and I got my TV station to give me Bram Stokers Dracula for Halloween that year and again Mr. Lobo was not only awesome enough to help me out he did me a huge solid by getting Tony Todd and Bill Mosley for it. This is the kind of person he is. This time, I attempted overt comedy and I think (for the most part) it works. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fLyhXTIajc I was also hooked up with the teaser/promo trailer for the Plan 9 remake featuring… Mr. Lobo.

I co-host and produce the internet radio show Lost In The Static and we had Mr. Lobo on the show early on in a fun episode. He and I stayed in touch and I continued to follow his work and continued to be thankful for not only his support but his friendship. It is as this point I hit my darkest hour. My wife fell and hit her head resulting in a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) shortly before I lost my job and was blackballed from my industry. The bills piled up fast and furious as soon we found ourselves simply drowning in debt and now we are about to lose our house and Mr. Lobo has offered to help get the word out… as I said before, that is the kind of guy he is.

We need to come up with 7grand by months end, we have almost $500 so far but I need your help. You can do here http://www.gofundme.com/a8i4zs to read the entire story but short version is that the horror community and “bad” movie fans tend to rally around one another in my experience and I desperately need that support right now.

Thank you all that will help out and thank you to Mr. Lobo for being Mr. Lobo.”

*As far as I am concerned that night never happened and unless someone local taped it off of TV there is no record of it and I am fine with that.



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