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Tomorrow Mr. Lobo GOES BACK to RETRO CON….AGAIN!


 ret14bJoin THE LOBOs at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, PA for the mighty nostalgia and collectables show RETRO CON 2014.

This year, It’s now a two day LOVE-FEST for fans of 70′s, 80′s, and 90’s pop culture. Also on their guest list, the brilliant and funny JOEL HODGSON of MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER, our long time convention pal–CHASE MASTERSON of STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE, internet celeb THE ANGRY VIDEO GAME NERD who is screening his AVGN movie across the street at the amazing ARNOLD’S FAMILY FUN CENTER, veteran cartoon voice actors MORGAN “Baroness” LOFTING, ZACK “Zartan” HOFFMAN, LARRY “Lion-o, Count Chocula” KENNEY,  GERRIANNE “Thundercats” RAPHAEL, and PETER “Silverhawks” NEWMAN, CHRIS DOOHAN (son of James “Scotty” Doohan) who is involved with several STAR TREK projects, and the real SERGEANT SLAUGHTER of GI-JOE!

Tickets are $15 on Saturday and $13 on Sunday. Please take a break from your toy collecting and autograph hounding to say hello to your OTHER favorite movie host and catch our informative and entertaining panel. Saturday, at 3:15. MR. LOBO will be moderating his second annual CULT MOVIE PANEL and SIMG_3254UMMIT, a discussion with hand picked experts featuring HEATHER BUCKLEY writer/interviewer for FANGORIA MAGAZINE and creature performer in DEAD STILL coming in OCT. on SYFY channel. The talk will include a surprise video presentation edited by DIXIE DELLAMORTO LOBO of HORROR HOSTS AND CREATURE FEATURES .

The theme this year is CULT TV AND VIDEO!

Time permitting, there will be a sneak peek of the NEW DVD of CINEMA INSOMNIA’S HAUNTED HOUSE SPECIAL that we will have at our table along with our HALLLOWEEN CD, DIXIE’S AMAZING RETRO INSPIRED ART, and A BUNCH OF NERDY JUNK FROM OUR ATTIC!





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