Tonight For Your HALLOWEEN Pleasure, CINEMA INSOMNIA Goes LIVE On OSI74!

_Mr__Lobo__by_CankeredRoseLast night, Outer Space International went Live and we are still fixing things. reloading, reformatting, rewriting, re-posting, testing, testing, testing… We think OSI 74 looks great and it’s because of the wonderful men and women who have come together in this collective. Their good will, big favors, support and amazing talents has made dream real! This is just the beginning. We are the future!  One Small Step and a Giant Leap of Reason! THANK YOU!  The Mr. Lobo and the rest of the OSI74 Team with continue bringing you content for the whole family on your HALLOWEEN!

If you haven’t yet added the OSI channel yet, here is the link you may follow to add it to your ROKU:

Tonight, CINEMA INSOMNIA Goes LIVE on OSI74…..will you be watching?



3 Replies to “Tonight For Your HALLOWEEN Pleasure, CINEMA INSOMNIA Goes LIVE On OSI74!”

  1. Well , I am a bit confused. I only have my desktop computer, but I have a vimeo account and access to both the osi74 and coniema insomnia websites. Will I be missing anything ? Im not that ahead with technology unfortunately.

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