Svengoolie Since the 50’s TV Horror Hosts have been a staple of Halloween fun–presenting classic monster movies, chillers, and thrillers to eager young viewers. Almost always with humor and often as larger than life cartoonish characters like Vampires, Mad Scientists, and Witches. At 8PM Halloween Night on Zom-Bee TV you are in for a special treat!

In this Halloween special written by Mr. Lobo, a group of “paranoid investigators” called THE TOTALLY FAKE GHOST-BUSTERS– who had their own kids show in the 80’s–return to the one house that they could not prove was haunted by a fake ghost in a rubber mask.


This holiday special is NOT ANIMATED but features some very animated actors who are better known as their Horror Host Personae.



Dick Dyzel
(Count Gore DeVol’s Creature Feature) as Sheriff Bronson Canyon

John Dimes(The Spooky Movie host, Dr. Sarcofiguy) as Professor Ex-Exorcist

Andrea Marie(Ultra Ma’am on Monster Madhouse) as Lady Sara Chestburster

Dixie Dellamorto(Editor of Horror Hosts and Creature Features magazine) as “Kogarella’s trainer”

Jerry Moore II(Karlos Borloff host of Monster Madhouse) as V. Price Tagge

Rich Koz(Svengoolie) as the voice of Dr. Rummage Goodwill

And of course, Mr. Lobo as Himself and Miss Mittens as Herself, who together have hosted horror movies on Cinema Insomnia for almost 13 years.

The world’s leading horror culture and entertainment publication, RUE MORGUE did an article for their AUG 2011 issue #103, They did a story on Washington DC legend, COUNT GORE DeVOL, KING OF THE CARDBOARD CASTLE, Dick Dyzel. This included a round-up of Top 6 active Horror Hosts after the famous Vampire. We are proud to say that not only that we have Count Gore AKA Dick Dyzel playing a role in the special but RUE MORGUE’s number 1, 3, 4, and 5 ranked Horror Hosts.

rueindexIn fact, the only 2 missing from the list are our good friends PENNY DREADFUL and DR. GANGRENE–who coincidentally already did a special together with COUNT GORE DEVOL hosting for ALPHA DVD called THE DREADFUL HOLLOGREEN SPECIAL(2010). Which might make for a good double feature.


COUNT GORE DEVOL(Dick Dyzel) is the host of CREATURE FEATURE THE WEEKLY WEB PROGRAM and the first horror host on the Internet at! He started his career in Paducah, KY, but became a TV icon in Washington, DC where he hosted CREATURE FEATURE from 1973 to 198goredevol17. As self proclaimed sex symbol to the world, he poked fun at presidents, politicians, his boss and the bad movies he was forced to host. He’s also America’s ONLY Vampire Hypnotist and was honored in 2009 with the release of “EVERY OTHER DAY IS HALLOWEEN,” a feature length documentary on his long career.

 KARLOS BORLOFF(Jerry Moore II) Intergalactic rock star and monster hunter KARLOS BORLOFF,, in his long strange travels through time and spacekarlos, has assembled a motley crew of crackpot creatures, villains, monster hunters, robots, space aliens & other various loonies, to help him decipher & broadcast classic monster movies! His “Telly Award” winning TV show, MONSTER MADHOUSE, was created in 2006, and broadcasts in the Washington, DC area to LIVE television audiences and streams on the internet to thousands of monster movie fans around the world, and to a whole new generation of “monster kids”. It’s time for our main madman and his team to warn the world that “THE MONSTERS ARE COMING!!!” and they’re gonna freak you out!

DR. SARCOFIGUY(John Dimes) firmly believes that there are no such things as bad movies, only bad audiences. He is the charming multi-talented host of THE SPOOKY MOVIE, the TV version of THE SPOOKY MOVIdr3E FILM FESTIVAL – The Washington, D.C. International Horror Film Festival. Using wit, confusion and occasionally music, he’s been making the residents of Northern Virginia uncomfortable for over 15 years. As psychiatrist to the twisted and famous, he’s tended to the likes of Anne Rice and Maya Angelou. Recently, he’s worked closely with his fellow horror hosts, sworn in as “President Sarcofiguy” while visiting MONSTER MADHOUSE, and spewing wisdom in horror host documentaries EVERY OTHER DAY IS HALLOWEEN(2009), VIRGINA CREEPERS(2008), AMERICAN SCARY(2006) and his own “Doctormentary” BALD HEADED BLUES(2013) Lord have mercy!

MR. LOBO  Who is Mr. Lomrloboretroconbo? Is he friend or foe? Shrouded in the black mystique of a formless void, this guide to “the beyondo” presides over the tattered cult movies of CINEMA INSOMNIA from the regal heights of the finest rocking chair that Goodwill had to offer. His nationally syndicated show has been seen in over 30 markets with one Halloween spectacular reaching 45 Million households. While exploring the unknown with his various companions, including a houseplant named MISS MITTENS, he’s made hundreds of appearances for events, film festivals, spook shows, radio programs, comic books, and independent films. He is an advocate for “Bad Movies”. In fact, he claims, “They’re not bad movies–just misunderstood”.

Svengoolie2We are also very lucky to have a special guest star RICH KOZ better known as SVENGOOLIE supply the voice of DR. RUMMAGE GOODWILL–Rich has been hosting movies on CHICAGO airwaves for over 30 years and is now enjoyed nationally on ME-TV stations! He took over the role from JERRY G. BISHOP in the1970’s and has made it his own. With a black top hat and a psychedelic coffin, he is often pelted by rubber chickens, he sings songs, and creates hilarious parodies and skits. Considered by many to be the top host in the country right now.

This HALLOWEEN NIGHT at 8PM be in front of your TV with your favorite snacks and watch MR. LOBO in a REAL HAUNTED HOUSE with his own hilarious group of “Paranoid Investigators” comprised entirely of fellow TV HORROR HOSTS. If you haven’t yet already, treat yourself to a ROKU streaming player for connected TV and add the ZOM-BEE TV channel for FREE classic and new horror thrills!FGBteaser web


  1. CINEMA INSOMNIA” AND AMGTV ARE Brought HOSTED “MIDNIGHT MOVIES” TO PRIME TIME AND COAST TO COAST! And now you are making history again with OSI 74!

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