Tube Topped By LoboVision!

Forget YouChute…or WeTube or wherever that OTHER Cinema Insomnia channel was. LOBOVISION.TV IS THE NEW CINEMA INSOMNIA VIDEO RESOURCE! Two classic episodes are up – along with two Lobo short subjects – with MORE coming down the pipe soon! LoboVision Glasses not included!

2 Replies to “Tube Topped By LoboVision!”

  1. THANK YOU! It’s probably much better than YouBoob anyway! (Look for your Loyal Fans to come by soon to purchase another DVD Classic!) In a world with little humor and good to report, how nice it is to simply say, “Yeah~but there’s always Cinema Insomnia!” Now please excuse me…Gotta go watch my Gamera: Super Monster DVD for the 75th(?) time…..Yes. I’ve been “Lobo~tomized”

    1. No…Thank You, Insomniac! Lobovison is a hungry beast and needs eyeballs to survive! We appreciate you giving 150 precious hours to that episode…much more than Mr. Lobo or the makers of that film ever did. Good luck recovering from your Lobo-tomy…it’s a common side effect.

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