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We Explore the world of the “Creatures of the Night” For This Week’s Theme!


Over the years, vampires have been portrayed in many different ways through cinema. The story may change but the legend remains the same. Garlic and Crosses repel them, They have no reflection, Holy Water burns, and Sunlight and Stakes kill them. Nosferatu, Bela Legosi, Christoper Lee, Gerard Butler…….no, there will be no mention of any “sparkly” vampires this week! This week we will be seeing this classic monster has been portrayed over the years through this week through pictures, clips, and much more!

We Always Need Your Help, CInsomniacs! You are the ones who keep Mr. Lobo going as well as the rest of the Cinema Insomnia family. We challenge you to represent the theme of the week! How can you do that? Tell us and show us your favorite “misunderstood” cult classic film by commenting or posting about them on our pages!

Some of you who enjoy dressing up, put on your costumes and post pictures representing the theme and you will see your picture on our pages! If any of you have vintage posters or create animations representing the theme share those as well! If you know or find pictures and video clips matching the theme post them or your personal pictures on our Facebook pages, Tumblr, Twitter, or Instagram with #CIThemeoftheweek!

Get ready for another fantastic week and remember to “Stay Young the Vampire Way!”



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