RnakajimaOWDY SCARLETT has enjoyed “misunderstood” films since he was a young child when his local station WGHP TV 8 aired SHOCK THEATER across the air waves with DR. PAUL BEARER as the horror host. For many Saturday nights, he awaited by the television watching the old classic films FRANKENSTEIN(1931) and DRACULA(1931); however, he always looked forward to the giant monster films featuring GODZILLA(1954), RODAN(1956), and MOTHRA(1961).

Since then, he continued tDestroyallmonsterso be drawn to “misunderstood” films. There were many times where he would drive two hours out of his way to enjoy catch an Independent movie festival or a Foreign Film. Shortly after SHOCK THEATER ended, Rowdy discovered MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER to satisfy his misunderstood film craving along with hosting some MST3k parties for his friends and family.

Rowdy recalled his discovery of CINEMA INSOMNIA,CI Prince of Space

 “I discovered CINEMA INSOMNIA WITH MR. LOBO(2001) quite late–I was just web surfing for info about the film PRINCE OF SPACE(1959) when I came across the old site. I ordered the DVD of that episode and was hooked. It brought back my memories of laying front of my the TV on the couch watching SHOCK THEATER as a kid.”

Last year MR. LOBO met SIR SCARLETT while hosting the GIANT MEGA MONSTER MOVIES weekend festival at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Winchester, Virginia. ROWDY wanted to meet our beloved host so badly he convinced a friend to tag along and drive 6 hours in order to enjoy the festival. He happily discussed meeting MR. LOBO further,

“It was an great honor to meet MR. LOBO and DIXIE. He was a very gracious host and I envy those Mothra wings!”  IMG_0958Thank You, SIR ROWDY SCARLETT, valued Sleepless Knight, for ALL of your support and for watching all those Misunderstood Movies! Here is your FAN OF THE WEEK certificate that you can download and print. Congratulations, ROWDY SCARLETT –THE SLEEPLESS KNIGHT OF THE WEEK–for September 5th through the 11th! FanoftheWeekRowdyScarlettYou now stand alongside your “FAN OF THE WEEK” siblings and like them, you are eligible to become the FAN OF THE YEAR and receive prize package that will include a framed certificate, official Lobo Necktie, Lobo Badge and other goodies to be announced later this year!

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  1. Always great to see the other Fans on here! Truly quite a Family indeed! (I gotta make more bbq for our “Family Reunions”!!!

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