We Have Some “Hellcat” Choices for Throwback Cinema Insomnia Thursday!

This Week We Have Two Choices from the “Hellcat Era” for you to choose from, CInsomniacs! Would You Like To…..

Hop on your Bikes and Cause a Little Mayhem with THE UNDERTAKER AND HIS PALS38270_431323604488_7499603_n OR

LastSurvive the Apocalypse and Fight Vicious Vamps with THE LAST MAN ON EARTH?

Send in your votes and come back here online on Thursday to find out if your choice won and enjoy a free episode online! Don’t forget to get your friends and family involved in the voting process by Sharing, Tweeting, and Tumbling this news and don’t forget to tell them “They are NOT BAD MOVIES-Just Misunderstood!”

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