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We Used our Anthropology Skills to Discover this Fan of the Week!


KIM WAILES has traveled quite a bit over the years. Born in Burlington, New Jersey, her family later moved to Florida when she was a young girl. Her father, who grew up in Philadelphia in the 70s, watched DR. SHOCK and Kim recalled early memories of the show.AR-310259905 On every Saturday afternoon while growing up in Florida, she would  stay up late tuning into DR. PAUL BEARER AND HIS CREATURE FEATURES show followed by old monster or sci-fi films shown by the local channel. She proclaimed that she was obsessed watching the beloved Horror Hosts and “schlock” features.

twilight-zoneLike her mother, she was born a “night owl” and stay up with her watching late night shows like ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS, TWILIGHT ZONE, NIGHT GALLERY, DOCTOR WHO episodes featuring TOM BAKER, along with late night films such as NIGHT OF THE LEPUS(1972) and GARGOYLES (1972.) Fast forward into the future while she was in the army in San Angelo, TX, her night owl ways made her catch a brand new episode of the CHRISTOPHER ECCLESTON starring as THE DOCTOR in a DOCTOR WHO episode when all of a sudden she caught a promo for a CINEMA INSOMNIA episode!1621660_3966329012071_1213691246_n“It was airing on late night public access,” she recalled. “And I was like ‘Holy Crap! It’s a Horror Host!!’ I hadn’t seen one in years and I checked it out online. MR. LOBO got me back into horror hosts after many years out of the loop.”

She soon got rid of her cable and switched to ROKU two years ago. After finding ZOM-BEE TV, she got excited which progressed to “SUPER-STOKED” to see that CINEMA INSOMNIA was now on the channel. She now watches and re-watches episodes constantly.  10561577_10152655684834430_6337213737086714875_n

Thank you, LADY KIM WAILES, valued Sleepless Knight, for ALL of your support, for spreading the news of CINEMA INSOMNIA and MR.LOBO to fans around the world, and for watching all those Misunderstood Movies! Here is your FAN OF THE WEEK certificate that you can download and print. Congratulations, LADY KIM WAILES –THE SLEEPLESS KNIGHT OF THE WEEK–for September 26th through October 2nd!


You now stand alongside your “FAN OF THE WEEK” siblings and like them, you are eligible to become the FAN OF THE YEAR and receive a prize package that will include a framed certificate, official Lobo Necktie, Lobo Badge and other goodies to be announced later this year!



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