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We Watch The Skies For UFO’s As We Pay Tribute To Ed Wood, Jr.!

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il_340x270.395573553_gr6tHe was the creator of the most “misunderstood” films shown on and off the silver screen. Ed Wood, Jr. laid down the path for MR. LOBO to become for his most memorable character CRISWELL in the new film PLAN 9. This week we remember all of his “misunderstood masterpieces,” including the man himself. nightoftheghouls

What is your favorite Ed. Wood, Jr. film, Sleepless Knights? What is what you consider the most memorable scene in a Ed Wood film, CInsomniacs? Show your love for this misunderstood filmmaker by posting about what you think his most “misunderstood” film was. Post your favorite scenes in the comment section or private message and you may see your favorite scene shared on our pages and credit. You may also take a step further and post your favorite scene clip or a picture of a poster of your favorite ED WOOD, JR. feature on your Twitter or Instagram pages with #CIEdWoodTribute and we will favorite and Retweet/Share your findings.

We will hold this tribute on the pages and will be demonstrated through video clips of trailers and possible classic show episodes. Pictures, posters, and much more shall fill up your news feeds so be on the look-out and share away with your friends and family! 

Be Prepared for a “ED WOOD, JR.” kind of week and keep an eye out for Ghouls and UFOs!



1 Comment

  • September 2, 2014 at 5:28 AM
    Prince Everlove

    Vampira gliding through the graveyard in Plan 9…oh, the sheer thought of her sends trance-like sensations down my cerebral cortex! Ed Wood lives! Or at least he does in the inner corners of Cinema Insomnia


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