Our Sleepless Knight of the Week is a “Monster Kid” and a Total Terror!

537676_475798955803686_144253979_nSIR JERRY TRITT, our Sleepless Knight of the Week, resides in his home in Sacramento, California. In the 60s, he would stay up late to tune into CREATURE FEATURES with BOB WILKINS. He discovered MR. LOBO through the convention circuit and has shown his support by purchasing DVDs of episodes and has even sent some overseas to his son who is in the military. He himself is a collectables dealer and enjoys attending the Sacramento Toy shows along with Sac Con.

220px-TheterrorposterWhen asked what his favorite misunderstood film was, he proudly proclaimed his love for the highly misunderstood 1963 horror classic starring legendary actors JACK NICHOLSON and BORIS KARLOFF entitled THE TERROR.

“Because not one footage in that movie made any sense at all-none whatsoever….So I liked it!”

If you haven’t had a chance to see this misunderstood film, here is the link to CINEMA INSOMNIA’s episode featuring this classic:


Following his love for THE TERROR, we asked him what was his favorite CINEMA INSOMNIA episode thus far. He began cracking up over the details of his answer:

“I think my favorite episode is PRINCE OF SPACE because I just love Krankor! I love the commercial Candles, Krankor, and you. That just cracks me up!”

In the words of the commercial, “Ooo yeah, come on over here!” Check out the CINEMA INSOMNIA episode of PRINCE OF SPACE!

21142_932279786822265_2849849625624294681_nThank you, SIR JERRY TRITT, valued Sleepless Knight for ALL your Support for CINEMA INSOMNIA, watching all those Misunderstood Movies, Horror Hosts, and continuous support! Here is your FAN OF THE WEEK certificate that you can share, download, and print. Congratulations, SIR JERRY TRITT SLEEPLESS KNIGHT OF THE WEEK–April 10th through April 16th, 2015.


3 Replies to “Our Sleepless Knight of the Week is a “Monster Kid” and a Total Terror!”

    1. I have had the chance to be Sir Jerry Tritt
      personal Protegé with the sincere and intellectually knowledgeable of his fabulous mind of Sir Jerry Tritt. We’ve enjoyed some old classics that he has played with his 3-D TV and his very vast collection of his 3D DVD’s it’s nothing like seeing some classics in 3-D. Thanks Jerry you truly are a great wisdom to the horror world!

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